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Bulk Soap Dispensers

Keeping bathrooms properly stocked with soap at all times is important to the comfort and safety of your guests. A bulk soap dispenser in your restaurant or hotel washroom ensures guests are always able to clean up. As another benefit, the soap dispenser means that there's no need for staff to continually restock the washroom with fresh soap bottles.

Mayfair Hotel Supply has several bulk soap dispenser models that are elegant and effective. Perfect for the in-room bathroom, common area bathroom or restaurant facilities, you can browse our collection to find the exact style you want for every space.

Choose the Style to Suit Your Space

The bulk soap dispensers featured here include both wall-mounted soap dispenser and countertop refillable soap dispenser models. Are you looking for shower soap dispensers? Take a look at our one chamber soap dispenser models that include options that work well as shower soap dispensers. They are designed to fit single tubes of liquid soap, ensuring your guests can wash up with ease. These attractive wall-mounted soap dispensers are also a great way to cut down on the use of individual plastic containers filled with liquid soap. Also, there's no need to constantly replace liquid soaps that go missing from rooms.

In addition to the classic one chamber dispenser, we also provide dispensers with up to three chambers. If you are looking for an attractive and affordable hand soap dispenser for a wall-mounted or countertop design, Mayfair Hotel Supply has your needs covered.

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