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Hotel Shower Curtains & Liners

The shower curtains you select for your hotel bathrooms are equally as important as selecting window curtains. We understand this, which is why we offer an exceptional array of hotel shower curtains and accessories to ensure you find just what you need to complete each bath in the style you prefer.

Quality hotel shower curtains provide the privacy guests desire and help to minimize wet floors that could cause accidents or injuries. At Mayfair Hotel Supply, we offer a wide selection of great-looking, high-quality hotel shower curtains and liners at attractive prices. Among the style options we offer are convenient hookless shower curtains that provide the high level of durability you need. Many of our customers like the hookless shower curtains because they are easier to replace than standard shower curtains.

Our Hotel Shower Curtain Collections

We feature a wide selection of shower curtains made from quality polyester, vinyl, nylon and other materials that are designed to repel water, resist mildew growth and avoid soap-scum buildup, a continuing issue for maintenance of hotel shower curtains.

We offer shower curtains from multiple brands and product lines, including the Kartri Dobbie, Kartri Forester, Kartri Millennium, Kartri Nylon, San Suede and Vintaff collections. Our shower curtains are available in bulk quantities for easy ordering at great prices.

When you need quality hotel shower curtains, towels, bath mats, or other hotel supplies, look no further than our team at Mayfair Hotel Supply. We provide top-quality service with a personal touch, and we offer a full selection of equipment, supplies and other products for your business.

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