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Hotel Toiletries Wholesale

One of the most important parts of a hotel room is the bathroom. It’s where people go to recharge and freshen up after a long day of traveling, and where they prepare for the day ahead in a new location. Mayfair provides mini toiletries in bulk, including small shampoos, deodorants, razor blades, toothpaste, and makeup wipes. We know how fun it is to go into a hotel bathroom and see the exciting shampoos and soaps to use, and we look forward to amplifying your hotel guests’ experience!
We sell wholesale hotel toiletries to a variety of different hospitality groups. It doesn’t matter if you’re a massive resort chain or a smaller bed and breakfast, we can’t wait to provide mini toiletries in bulk to you! Mayfair offers so many other restaurant and hotel supplies as well, including furniture and bedding. There’s not much we don’t provide when it comes to the hospitality business!

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