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Kimberly Clark

When it comes to the paper products you stock for your hotel, quality is essential. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is pleased to be one of the top Kimberly Clark suppliers, offering wholesale pricing on the Kimberly Clark professional line of products. If you are looking into Kimberly Clark products for your hotel, we have what you are looking for.

Kimberly Clark Scott Products

Some of the most trusted products in the Kimberly Clark professional line are the Scott products. With paper towels and bath tissue, Scott provides important hygiene supplies that your hotel cannot do without. Stock up on Scott products with the affordable wholesale pricing at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.

Kimberly Clark Kleenex Products

When it comes to facial tissues, the Kleenex brand is almost synonymous with facial tissues. In fact, many people will use Kleenex for all brands of facial tissues. When you want your hotel to give guests the best possible facial tissues, you need Kleenex. Trust Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply to provide affordable pricing on quality Kleenex brand facial tissues.

Kimberly Clark Surpass Products

For increased affordability without sacrificing quality, many hotels trust the Surpass products from Kimberly Clark. Designed for a low price and high-quality product, Surpass will help you provide a great product to your clients while staying within your operating budget. And, when you can buy at wholesale pricing in bulk, you’ll save even more!

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