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Robes & Slippers for Hotels

Take the easy route to giving your guests that undeniable feeling of luxury the moment they step into your guestrooms by stocking those rooms with plush robes and comfy slippers. It may seem like a small thing, but it's really these kinds of thoughtful actions that make hotels feel more like an inviting place to kick back and relax. In fact, it's not a stretch to say h otel robes and slippers are the distinguishing factor that transforms a hotel from simply a place to sleep to a luxurious retreat.

Robes to Suit Your Guests

Mayfair Hotel Supply has a wide range of hotel robes and slippers for you to consider, including wholesale hotel bathrobes that offer quality without a high price tag. Whether you are stocking the spa or the guest rooms at your hotel, give your guests the ultimate in luxury with bathrobes and slippers ordered here.

We offer both velour and waffle bathrobes to suit your individual taste. We find that both of these bathrobe styles have timeless fashion appeal for guests from a wide range of backgrounds and with varying taste preferences. White, of course, is a universal neutral color that flatters everyone, and white goes nicely with your bathroom or spa décor.

We also have open-toe white terry slippers for men and women, which are perfect for spa or massage facilities. Pair these with our plush towels and luxury bathroom supplies, all available at wholesale prices, and you can distinguish your facility as a true luxury experience.

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