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Soaps & Shampoos for Hotels

High-quality hotel soaps and amenities are a great perk for hotel guests, making it easier and more convenient to travel, especially by plane. When it comes to selecting friendly and knowledgeable wholesale hotel toiletries distributors, look no further than our team at Mayfair Hotel Supply. We offer luxury hotel soaps, hotel toiletries, hotel shampoos and numerous other hotel supplies at wholesale costs. We serve a wide range of hospitality businesses throughout the United States, and with our top-quality service, convenient shipping and attractive prices, we are the hotel suppliers of choice for many happy clients.

Hotel Soap Supplies

When choosing what soaps to provide to guests it's good to have quality options that meet the needs of your guests and your bottom line. As top-rate soap suppliers, we offer a wide variety of standard and luxury soap and cleansing products to choose from, allowing you to provide your guests with a range of options to meet their unique preferences.

Our Luxury Hotel Soaps

Do you need high-end or spa soap products that quietly convey that your establishment has class and sophistication? Our hotel soaps, shampoos and toiletries are made by some of the best manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that you are giving your guests the best possible products and a luxury experience that they will enjoy. Consider us your one-stop shop soap suppliers for luxurious soaps to supply hotel rooms, guest bathrooms and spa areas. Our soaps also make wonderful guest gifts.

From soaps, body washes and shampoos to specially formulated conditioners, lotions, face washes and more, our team at Mayfair Hotel Supply has the quality hotel soap supplies required to cover all the personal care needs of your guests.

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