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Hawaiian Tropic

Give your guests the experience of a Hawaiian tropical retreat with the scents of Hawaiian Tropic bath products. Capturing the authentic aromas of a tropical locale is something many brands attempt, but only a few get right, and products made by this famous brand are sure to arouse happy moments of bliss for guests who love the smell of lush coconut blended with other enticing tropical flavors.

The packaging alone is often enough to excite and delight, and once these bath products are open, they have the ability to transport your guests to a sunny Hawaiian tropical beach or cabana every time they step into the shower. The only thing that can top that is our Mayfair Hotel Supply wholesale pricing on these high-demand products.

Hawaiian Tropic offers an entire line of bath and body products for your hotel needs. From shampoo and conditioner to body wash and body lotion, you can find exactly what you need at a great price. This popular brand also offers three types of soap, including square soap, oatmeal spa bars and round soaps, all individually packaged in perfect travel-sized bottles or containers. If you are in the market for hotel shampoo and other bath products that give your guests the best possible experience, and you want to capture that refreshing tropical vibe in your hotel, you can't go wrong with Hawaiian Tropic.

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