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Judith Jackson Collection

For luxury and high-end hotels, the quality of the toiletries in the bathroom is a defining factor. Judith Jackson is a certified aromatherapist and spa developer who has created a line of spa products perfect for hotel rooms and luxury resorts. With a pleasing citrus scent that uses the science of aromatherapy, Judith Jackson spa products are a popular choice for many high-end spas and hotels, and Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has a number of options for your consideration. With these products in your facility’s bathrooms, people will get the right impression of your accommodations and enjoy a hint of luxury when they clean up for the day.

What sets these luxury toiletries apart is their scents. Using the power of aromatherapy, Judith Jackson has created a line that is quite pleasing to use. These scents contain a pleasant citrus aroma that most people enjoy well. They are not overpowering, but are effective at enlivening the senses, refreshing the people who use them. Stock up on bar soap, face soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, and indulge your guests with the luxury of Judith Jackson spa products.

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