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Kudos Spa

For luxury hotels and resorts, the right in-room hotel products are a critical part of the guest experience. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is pleased to offer Kudos spa products to elevate the in-room experience. These nourishing, conditioning bath products uplift the senses and indulge the skin.

Kudos spa products are all vegetable-based soaps, so guests can feel completely comfortable using them. Their scent combines bergamot, jasmine, and green tea to invigorate the user. All products are enriched with cucumber and white tea extracts, and the mineral oil-free design allows the skin to breathe and absorb moisture well. All products are paraben-free and cruelty-free. This means your guests will be refreshed, with soft skin and a pleasing aroma, every time they use the products in your hotel bathroom. This will create a pleasant overall experience, causing your guests to return to your facility time and time again.

When adding amenities and hotel toiletries to your space, trust Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply for the wholesale hotel supplies that will treat your guests without breaking your budget. We have Kudos spa products of all types, including conditioner, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, facial bars, and soaps. All come beautifully packaged with elegant designs that fit well in a modern, upscale hotel. Stock up on the hotel products you need, including Kudos spa products, and deliver a better experience to each guest who walks in the door.

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