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Spa 360

Spa 360 is a spa-inspired collection that helps guests restore and revive while staying in your hotel. These natural hair care products and face care products moisturize and hydrate, with pleasing aromas of lemon leaf, clary sage, bergamot mixed with notes of fir, lavender, and jasmine along with deep musk and oak moss. The mild scent combined with a natural formulation makes these toiletries stand out. Whether you are looking for hair care products, liquid soap, or bar soap, you will find what you need in this popular line with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.

What sets Spa 360 products apart from other hotel bathroom supplies is the natural ingredients. These ingredients can be found in products in the highest-end luxury spas, yet you can offer them to your guests affordably with help from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. These natural ingredients help promote healthy hair and skin and are safe for daily use. Your guests will leave your hotel feeling invigorated and restored, confidently using the soap, shampoo, and conditioner you provide. Stock up on Spa 360 products with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, and enjoy the benefits of wholesale pricing on these popular hotel bath products.

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