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Terra Green

The era of environmentally friendly bath and body products for hotels is here and Mayfair Hotel Supply is happy to offer the eco-friendly Terra Green collection. This line of bath products is aimed at the guest who enjoys using hair care and skin care products derived from natural ingredients. All of Terra Green's shampoos, conditioners, soaps and moisturizers for the skin are gentle enough to appeal to guests with all skin and hair types as well.

Terra Green Hair-Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner

We offer two options for cleansing and conditioning hair. Option one is their rich and luxurious Conditioning Shampoo, a formula that takes care of cleansing and conditioning the hair in one simple step. Alternatively, you can offer guests a traditional two-step option with supplies of Terra Green Shampoo and Terra Green Conditioner. Or you can cover all bases by ordering all three, letting guests decide which shampoo method is best for them.

Deep Cleansing for Face and Body

Terra Green offers a number of spa-quality cleansing options for the face and body. There's the convenient body wash for those who prefer a liquid cleanser. We also offer Terra Green bar soaps in various formulations.

Green-Friendly Packaging

All Terra Green bath and body products are packaged using recycled materials to aid with forest preservation and cut down on landfill waste. The brand's use of soy ink is also in keeping with its eco-friendly mission.

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