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Blankets & Duvets

Home is something the best hotels strive to achieve. After all, the bed is the place to relax in most rooms, after a day of traveling, sightseeing or meetings. Creating a cozy sleeping experience is only possible when beds are made with a warm blanket. On top of the blanket, you can add a nice duvet cover as a topper or light covering. Mayfair Hotel Supply gives you plenty of options for creating a cozy bed that makes a guest feel right at home.

Blankets for Warmth

The blankets in our collection come in various styles and colors to give you the most options for bed comfort and matching the décor. You can find lightweight blankets that can be used year-round or during warmer seasons. You can also find blankets with fill and quilted styles that help keep guests cozier during colder seasons. Some blankets are made of cotton, while other are made of fleece or microfiber. With so many quality choices to choose from, you are sure to find the ideal bedding for your establishment.

Duvet Covers

A duvet cover is a lightweight bedding topper that can be used as an alternative to a comforter or quilt. They can also be placed over those two heavier coverings as a pleasant bedding accent.

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