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Creating a cozy bed that provides the same type of comfort in a hotel room that guests can experience at home is easy to do with comforters. This style of bed covering is always popular, and Mayfair Hotel Supply offers many comforter styles for your convenience. Depending on your needs and the types you choose, you can buy individual quantities or packs of two per case. Either way, our wholesale pricing helps to keep your costs down, and you receive high-quality bedding products with excellent longevity.

Luxurious Down Alternatives

Find comforters that are every bit as soft, cozy and warm as a classic down-filled style with our collection of down alternative comforters. These are expertly constructed covers with various thread counts made with either hypoallergenic fill or variations of polyester fill. Some styles are reversible, and some styles can be machine washed for faster cleaning.

Solids and Prints

Choose comforter styles that complement room décor. We offer a selection of solid colors such as white, brown, tan and blue. We also offer contemporary prints such as colorful circles or stripes for a livelier bedding appearance.

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