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When guests come to your hotel with baby in tow, you want to make sure that little one has a safe, secure place to rest. Hotel beds are simply not the safest options for small babies and toddlers, as they can easily roll off the bed and get injured. Hotel cribs from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply are a great option. With pack-n-play options as well as rolling cribs, these baby beds give you a convenient way to supply your guests with safe and sturdy sleeping options for their babies. In fact, baby cribs for hotels are one of the most important accessories parents traveling with a baby will look for when choosing a hotel room.

We stock both rolling cribs and folding portable cribs for your guests staying in a hotel room with a baby. All are safe, secure options that are both comfortable for the baby and convenient for your staff. The next time a guest calls looking for a hotel baby crib for their room, you can be confident knowing you have the right solution when you shop with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.

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