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Green Choice

Comfortable pillows are one of the most important features of the modern hotel room. When people check in for a good night's sleep, they need a soft and comfortable place to lay their heads. You want to choose hotel pillows that are made out of the best quality but are also an affordable option to allow you to add the right bedding without breaking the budget. This collection of Green Choice pillows from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is the perfect fit.

Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is your best pillow supplier, offering the option for you to bulk buy hospitality pillows as well as other linens and bedding supplies, so your guests can sleep in comfort. These comfortable pillows are filled with soft resilient premium, hollow siliconized fiberfill. This means they will last for many uses, providing comfort for your guests reliably night after night. And, with the wholesale pricing from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, you can be confident that these pillows will help you stay within your budget. Shop now to find Green Choice premium hotel pillows for your facility today.

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