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Now that the beds and mattresses are all in place, it's time to focus your attention on bedding - and Mayfair Hotel Supply is here to help you find sheet sets to get started. Sheets are the most important part of any bedding design because guests are going to spend hours snuggled between the top and bottom sheet layers. Of course, the sheets you choose must come with matching pillowcases, which should be equally comforting when guests lay down for the night.

Thankfully, we've got our finger on the pulse of current trends in sheets and our collection offers the highest quality wholesale sheets and pillowcases for the hotel industry.

Fitted and Flat Sheets

We know you are always in need of sheets and because there may be unforeseen reasons why one or more sheets require replacement, you can order each type of sheet separately in bulk quantities. Receive your choice of quality fitted or flat sheets by the case. Color choices range from light to dark hues, making it easy to find sheets to complement bedding covers.


Find matching pillowcases in the same colors and style as the sheets you select. Keep plenty on hand to replace ones that are damaged or lost.

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