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Best Bathroom Supplies for Hotels, Airbnb or Guest Bath

Best Bathroom Supplies for Hotels, Airbnb or Guest Bath

Posted by Mayfair on Feb 10th 2021

The experts at Mayfair Hotel Supply have put together 10 tips for choosing the best bathroom supplies for hotels, Airbnbs and guest bathrooms so you can focus on creating the best possible experiences for your guests.

1. Try it before you buy it. Many reputable hotel bathroom amenities suppliers offer samples of soaps, shampoos and other items. If the website or catalog you're looking at doesn't mention samples, reach out and ask. Even if there's a fee, it's usually worth it to make sure you're getting exactly the product you and your guests want.

2. Focus on complementary toiletries. While paper products and bath towels are important elements of any bathroom supplies, most travelers expect free toiletries. For hotels and larger businesses, that's a given. But even your Airbnb should offer a few bath supplies guests can take with them.

3. Buy in bulk. Whether you're stocking a nationwide chain or buying bathroom supplies for your small bed and breakfast, buying toiletries in bulk makes good business sense. These are generally products that don't go bad quickly, so keeping plenty on hand saves you time, money and stress.

4. Choose organics. Travelers tend to be a widely varied group of people. You never know who has allergies or sensitivities to things like parabens or sulfates. Choosing organic hotel soaps and shampoos lowers the risk of any guest having a negative experience, which could impact reviews and repeat business.

5. Keep your guests' values in mind.

Take the organic idea one step further and count the value of eco-conscious travelers. These visitors consider the impact that their actions have on the planet as a whole. Go for eco-friendly bath supplies that use zero-plastic packaging, require less water to rinse off and transport easily for a lower overall footprint. You'll find your guests really appreciate your choice to be a responsible global citizen.

6. Seek out clearance deals. If you're really looking for the best deals possible, visit the clearance sale page of your favorite hotel bathroom amenities suppliers often. Inventory rotates frequently on these pages, so you never know exactly what you'll find. The common denominator is affordable prices on high-quality items that the supplier is looking to move.

7. Take advantage of wholesale pricing. Big hotel chains have an advantage over smaller inns and Airbnbs in that they can generally get wholesale prices on large quantities of hotel soaps and other toiletries. But you can still get in on these deals, even if you're only buying for your guest bath at home. Check the fine print on quantity requirements, then jump on deals for cases of items you use often.

8. Don't skimp on quality. Reviews from your guests drive a lot of new business through your doors. If you settle for cheap, low-quality soap or shampoo for hotels with low standards, your guests will notice - and they'll share that information. Buy the very best bathroom supplies you can afford. It'll be worth it in the long run.

9. Insist on free shipping. Most hotel bathroom amenities suppliers offer free shipping on orders that meet a specified dollar amount. If that information isn't readily available on their website, call or email to inquire about it. If you're having trouble meeting the minimum, consider partnering with another business to get that perk.

10. Get everything from one place. The best advice for keeping up on your bath supplies inventory is to buy everything you need from one experienced supplier. For over 70 years, Mayfair Hotel Supply has been the one-stop destination for everything from bathroom supplies to maintenance and hospitality supplies. Save yourself time, confusion and shipping fees by getting all your consumables, furniture and toiletries for hotels and Airbnbs at Mayfair Hotel Supply.

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