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Guide to Purchasing Wholesale Restaurant Supplies

Guide to Purchasing Wholesale Restaurant Supplies

Feb 16th 2021

Whether you are a professional chef working in a restaurant or catering, a dedicated home chef or someone who loves to whip up meals occasionally for family and friends, you can get the most cooking supplies for your dollar by shopping for wholesale restaurant supplies.

Some cities have restaurant supply stores where they sell all kinds of items any chef or home cook would love to use regularly. If there isn't one of these specialty stores in your local area, you can always find companies online that sell professional quality products directly to restaurants.

But can you buy these wholesale products as an individual?

At Mayfair Hotel Supply, you certainly can! Below are some of the many items you can add to your wholesale supply shopping list.

Mixing Bowls

When a recipe calls for combining ingredients and mixing them, mixing bowls are the go-to kitchen tool for this common task. You probably already have a mixing bowl or two, but do you have one in all the sizes you need? If not, this is an opportunity to find smaller or larger size bowls. It's nice to be able to grab a bowl that is the right size for the amount of ingredients you're working with. Stainless steel bowls are the most popular, but you may also find glass bowls.

Essential Kitchen Utensils and Tools

Restaurant supply stores carry all of your favorite kitchen utensils that help you cut, chop, slice, dice, measure, stir and scoop. Because you are buying wholesale, consider upgrading your utensils/tools to professional quality items that speed up food prep time and look great in your kitchen.

  • Chef knives. Every chef should have their own set of chef knives, and you can choose individual knives or create matching knife sets. While browsing, consider picking up a knife sharpener.
  • Cookie/ice cream scoops. At some point, you'll be glad that you decided to grab one or more scoops for your cookie making duties. They are so much simpler to use than regular serving spoons. Plus, you can use scoops for creating melon balls and serving up ice cream.
  • Measuring cups and spoons. Regardless of how creative you are, it's always prudent to use measuring cups and spoons for certain ingredients. Getting ingredient measurements right produces more successful bakes.
  • Mixing spoons. Mixing things like they should be mixed isn't possible without mixing spoons. Stainless steel or wooden or both? You decide.
  • Spatulas. Need a new set of spatulas? Find every type of spatula you could want for mixing, scraping the bowl or jar, smoothing, flipping or serving.
  • Whisk set. A good hand whisk set has different sizes that you can use for manual whipping as an alternative to using the mixer. These can be used for mixing everything from sauces to smoothies.

Disposable Dinnerware and Cups

Restaurants that serve takeout food must always have a constant supply of disposable dinnerware on hand for their customers. Even sit-down restaurants keep this type of dinnerware in stock for customers who want to take leftovers home. If you are someone who enjoys cooking for backyard cookouts, picnics and a variety of social events that serve large crowds, you can save a bundle by tapping into wholesale restaurant supplies of disposable plates, containers and trays. Disposable cups are also a great bargain when you need cold cups or hot cups for on-the-go beverages.

Baking Pans and Sheets

The baking pan and sheet sections are simple and practical. These are items commonly found in numerous restaurants and bakeries across the country. These items are made to satisfy commercial food preparation standards, which means you are using the same quality pans and sheets that your favorite food places use.

Cake Decorating Supplies

Decorating cakes is a hobby for some and a profession for others. Either way, cake decorating is a fun, creative way showcase your baking skills and artistic talent. To make the most of your magnificent ideas, you need to use the same decorating tools that professionals use. Piping bags for holding icing are a must. You also need tips for these bags, and there are numerous tip styles that can be used to make tasty flowers and other cake décor. Cake molds, cake knives and food grade food coloring are other useful items.

Food Storage Bags and Film

Food preservation is necessary to avoid waste and plastic food storage bags are among the most popular way to store fruits, vegetables, meats, sauces and more. Plastic food film (wrap) is another timeless way to keep food protected from spoiling. Restaurants get great discounts on these items because they are offered in bulk quantities.

Frying Pans

If you're not satisfied with the quality of your current frying pans, head on over to the restaurant supply store for better pans. For those who cook a lot over the stove, pans get heavy use, and you may find that you're in need of a new one in one or more sizes.

Silicone Baking Mats

Keep your baking sheets in good condition for longer with silicone baking mats. These can be used for cookies and any other food that is oven baked on a sheet. They are reusable and you can get them for way less than you find at department stores.

Specialty Items

You can spend time at these supply stores leisurely browsing specialty items, whether you have an immediate use for them or not. This category includes items such as pizza peels, the perfect crepe pan and even heavy-duty coffee machines that are ideal for special events.

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