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How Do Hotels Keep Their Towels So Soft?

How Do Hotels Keep Their Towels So Soft?

Jun 3rd 2021

If you're wondering how hotels keep their towels so soft and fluffy for guests, you're not alone. Guests have come to expect luxury bath towels during their hotel stays, and rightly so.

The first tip in keeping towels soft and fluffy throughout their lifespan is choosing high-quality towels. Opt for cotton towels, which are absorbent and durable. Know too, that there's a balance to consider. Super soft and absorbent towels have dense plush loops and feel great, but they take longer to dry and may be less durable than poly-cotton blends with lighter fabric and shorter loops.

Also, look to the edges of towels. If they're well-stitched and secured, there's less chance they'll fray, and the towels will last longer.

Another consideration when purchasing soft towels is color. White and off-white towels are less likely to show their age by fading. If you do choose a color, opt for a fade-resistant towel, like the Martex ones we describe below.

How Do Hotels Keep Their Towels so White and Soft?

It's all about proper care. Make sure to wash towels in soft water (versus hard water that contains minerals, as you might find in a country setting). Use warm water for better detergent absorption and sanitizing, as well as better dissolving of detergents and to remove buildup and stains in towels.

One hotel hack we'd like to share is to use vinegar or baking soda instead of fabric softener. Add a half cup of baking soda or vinegar to the laundry at the same time you add the detergent. This will help brighten towels and keep them odor-free. It will also loosen up fibers, so they're nice and fluffy, and release any chemicals or grime on the towels. And don't worry about the vinegar smell. It evaporates, so you won't smell it once the towels are clean and dry.

When you're ready to dry towels, consider placing a new tennis ball or a dryer ball into the dryer. This will help remove lumps, prevent clumping, soften and fluff towels, speed up the drying process, and reduce wrinkles and static. This is a convenient and eco-friendly tip on how to get your towels soft and fluffy again.

Finally, go easy on the dryer. Use a lower setting, and consider line drying damp towels rather than keeping them in the dryer longer.

Deliver Comfort With Martex Towels

While Mayfair Hotel Supply carries a wide variety of high-quality towels to fit every budget, we'd like to highlight one of our top brands - Martex luxury towels. This line of plush, elegant towels wraps your guests in luxury, so they'll have a pleasant stay and want to come back again and again. Whether they're staying with you for business or pleasure - getting in a quick shower or a long bubble bath - they'll long remember their relaxing bathing experience at your hotel.

Our Martex Brentwood Towels are 100% cotton with superior absorbency and softness, plus an elegant border design. They come in bath, hand, wash cloth and bath mat sizes. The bath towels come in 24-by-50-inch sizes, as well as 27-by-54-inch and 30-by-60-inch sizes. Choose from ecru and white colors, and upgrade to plush for even more luxurious Martex hotel towels.

Martex Luxe is another great line of neutral-colored towels featuring a borderless European style and 100% ring spun cotton. This line is available in a deluxe 30-by-56-inch bath towel size, a 16-by-30-inch hand towel size and a 13-by13-inch washcloth size, all in optical white.

If you're looking to put a bit more color into your guest bathrooms, look to our Martex Dobby Colored Towels. Available in chocolate brown, gray, khaki tan and navy blue, these 100% ring-spun cotton towels boast Staybright® bleach-friendly and fade-resistant technology, lock-stitched hems and an attractive border design.

Martex Cam offers a cotton-and-polyester blend option with an attractive border. The white Martex bath towels come in 24-by-54-inch and 24-by-48-inch bath towel sizes as well as 12-by-12-inch wash cloths, 16-by-27-inch hand towels and 20-by-30-inch bath mats.

For true luxury, opt for the Martex Five Star Hotel Collection. These neutral-colored towels are constructed from combed, ring-spun cotton for extra softness. The oversized 30-by-56-inch bath towels will wrap your guests in luxury. This Martex hospitality towels line also includes a wash cloth, hand towel and bath mat for a truly superior ensemble.

The newly-developed Martex Green earth-friendly line is manufactured with environmentally-friendly fibers and sustainable processing techniques, so you and your guests can feel good about using them. Made with organic cotton and blended with recycled polyester, Martex Green bath, hand, wash cloth and bath mat towels feature DryFast® technology for faster drying times, and they're designed to use less water and energy, consuming fewer chemicals to clean throughout their lifespan.

Tired of seeing makeup stains on your light-colored towels? Save face with our Martex Make-Up Removing Washcloths. These 100% ring spun cotton towels measure 13-by-13 inches and come in an attractive black color with a "fresh face" label. These also offer Staybright® bleach-friendly and fade-resistant technology, along with benzoyl peroxide resistance, making these towels hold up wash after wash.

If you're still looking for the right brand of towel for your establishment, feel free to contact us at (800) 851-4801 or via email anytime. We're here to help!

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