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How to Build A Comfortable Bed Your Guests Will Love

How to Build A Comfortable Bed Your Guests Will Love

Posted by Mayfair on Dec 28th 2020

Hotel rooms are known for offering all sorts of amenities for guests seeking a place to rest for the night, or several days. But when you strip away most of those extras, what you get down to is a cozy room with a comfortable bed. And you better believe that this is the main thing all hotel guests look forward to after spending time traveling to their destination. Often, the entire guest experience hinges on whether the guest had a good night's sleep in a bed you provided. This means that building a bed that make guests feel as comfortable as they do at home is a top priority.

Here are the basics of top-notch hotel bed building.

Choosing a Bed Base/Frame

The perfect guest bed starts with choosing a quality base or frame. Both provide sturdy support for mattresses, but there is a major difference between the two styles. A bed base is typically made of steel construction that is warp-proof and solid as a rock. The base design doesn't have legs, eliminating that space between the frame and the floor. Without this space, guests cannot accidentally leave items underneath the bed. Plus, it eliminates extra vacuuming. If your establishment uses a classic bed frame with legs, choose one with gliders to make it easier to move the bed for maintenance.

Protecting Mattresses

Once you have hotel mattresses, the next item on the list should be mattress covers. Shield your mattresses from accidental damage or the risk of bed bugs with covers that come in many sizes to accommodate twin, full, queen and king size beds. Standard and waterproof mattress covers are available, and zippered covers provide the best bug prevention.

Selecting Sheets

Hotel sheets have a reputation for being high-quality and comfortable to sleep on. When it comes to choosing the best sheets for your hotel, you may be surprised at the amount of great choices available. Resources such as Mayfair Hotel Supply are the best places to secure wholesale quantities of sheets that live up to this reputation. Browse the selection of flat and fitted sheets made of easy-care cotton and polyester blends. Find classic white sheets and sheets in modern colors such as bone, burgundy, khaki and gray. Having many colors to choose from makes it simpler to create sophisticated hotel bedding styles.

Pillows and Pillowcases

The next item to focus on is the pillow. Choosing pillows for guests can be a distinguishing touch, especially when there are numerous options to consider. For instance, some hotels prefer the standard pillow, while others want to match pillow size to bed size. Queen size beds get queen size pillows and king size beds get king size pillows. And, then there is pillow fill, which may be eco-friendly, regular polyester or gel fiber.

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