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How to Choose The Right Folding Baby Crib For Hotels

How to Choose The Right Folding Baby Crib For Hotels

Mar 22nd 2021

Imagine the following scenario. A family of three arrives at a hotel for their evening check-in, looking forward to settling into their reserved room for the night after a long day of traveling. As one parent snuggles their adorable infant, the other asks the front desk clerk about the crib the couple requested to be available for the night. The clerk confirms that the crib is in the room.

Heading off to their room with the expectation of putting the baby to bed quickly, their hopes of relaxation are dashed when they see there is no crib in the room. Frustrated, they call the front desk to inform them of the oversight. The staff promise that someone will bring the crib up as soon as possible, but 15, 20, 40 minutes go by and there's still no crib. The couple is now faced with an annoying situation that is not of their making. For some reason, the hotel is not providing a service that was promised when the couple made their reservation. The couple must now spend time pressing the issue with hotel management.

So, how can you avoid this situation in your own resort?

Why Cribs Are Essential for Hotels

The above scenario is based on real-life experiences at major hotel chains. Some hotels are good about providing cribs for their guests. Some hotels keep a few cribs on hand but don't ensure they are safe and ready to use, and some hotels don't have any cribs available at all. There doesn't seem to be any across-the-board policies when it comes to hotel cribs. That's a shame because people traveling with babies often expect hotels to have a crib on-site only to be disappointed, and sometimes extremely frustrated, when that's not the case.

Cribs are an easy way to make families with small children feel cared about and catered to, and parents make note of hotels that provide them. Cribs provide a safe and secure place for an infant to play and sleep, helping the hotel avoid unnecessary liabilities.

Folding Cribs Are Best

Due to the temporary need for a hotel crib, the only type of cribs a hotel should consider purchasing are those that fold away easily for quick setup and simple storage.

  • Classic Stowaway Crib

Foldable stowaway cribs featuring a classic slatted bar design are always a welcome sight for weary travelers. They have the same appearance as cribs found in countless homes. The main difference is these cribs are typically made of powder-coated metal, and the best ones also include wheels for easy rolling to and from the room. They are also more compact than a traditional home crib, which is a necessity for hotel rooms with limited extra space.

  • Playpen Folding Baby Crib

Another crib design that is hugely popular with parents and child caretakers is the playpen-style crib. This crib has a sporty design with mesh sides for easy viewing. Instead of wheels, these cribs have four stationery feet and extra foot support in the middle. The versatile design allows it to be used indoors and outdoors. It also folds away for easy storage.

Durable for Long-Term Use

Whatever style of crib you choose for your establishment, it must have a strong foundation. Some parents have complained about wobbly crib frames, which are inadequate from a safety standpoint. There is no reason to keep damaged cribs when they can be replaced with sturdier models that can last for many years.

Excellent Safety Features

Safety should be a top consideration when selecting cribs for your hotel. Standard safety features to look for are:

  • Full view of the infant. There should be no closed sides that obstruct view of the infant. Most modern portable cribs offer full view from every angle, an essential feature for making sure baby is safe.
  • Good crib height. Crib walls should be high enough to prevent an infant from climbing or falling out.
  • No sharp edges. Bars or the foundation of the crib have smooth surfaces that are soft to the touch.
  • Safe bar spacing. Cribs with metal bars are spaced close enough to prevent the infant from putting their head or body through the bars.
  • Correct mattress size. Typically, crib mattresses are designed to be used with specific models of cribs. These mattresses completely cover the crib bottom, leaving no gaps that may injure the baby. Use of an alternative mattress may pose a safety hazard.
  • No wobbling or damage. As mentioned earlier, the cribs you have in stock should be strong, sturdy and without significant damage to the foundation, meshing or mattress.
  • Safety certification. Some crib models are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This certification means that the crib has been tested and meets standard safety guidelines.

Mattress Included

Save time and hassle by purchasing a crib set that includes the appropriate mattress for that model. The mattress can be stored with the crib to avoid the issue of cribs missing a mattress.

Say Yes to Crib Covers

You can extend the life of every folding baby crib you purchase by covering it with a durable crib cover. These are usually made of heavy-duty materials protecting it from dirt, dust and exposure to sunlight. Some crib models include a cover, and some covers must be purchased separately.

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