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How to Stock a Housekeeping Cart

How to Stock a Housekeeping Cart

Jan 28th 2022

One of the most important tasks that should be performed at your hotel every day is the cleaning of rooms. Unfortunately, your staff doesn't have an unlimited amount of time to get this job done, so doing what you can for efficiency is in your best interest.

Making sure your housekeeping staff is organized is one of the best ways to save them precious time, and that means having the right items on their housekeeping cart. You might consider adding a checklist to their cart so that they know exactly what they need and can stock their cart before heading out and cleaning rooms.

The fewer trips your housekeeping staff has to make back to the supply room, the faster they'll be able to clean rooms. There are some basic items that every hotel needs to ensure the comfort of their guests, and these should be included on every housekeeping cart. But if you offer any extras that set your business apart from your competition, don't forget to include those on the cart as well.

How to Stock a Housekeeping Cart

What items should be on a commercial housekeeping cart? In short, everything that your guests need to enjoy their stay at your hotel should be there. Here are common items that your housekeeping staff should have to get their job done.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are the most used item by your housekeeping staff. It doesn't matter what type of cleaning products you use or the sanitization methods you've included because of the current pandemic, making sure your staff has enough cleaning supplies that are easy to grab while they are in each room is essential.

When it comes to basic cleaning supplies, you'll want to make sure your staff has the following:

  • Gloves
  • Sponges or cleaning cloths
  • Cleaning spray and/or sanitizer
  • Toilet cleaner and brush
  • Glass cleaner (for windows and mirrors)
  • Trash liners
  • Vacuum

Depending on the type of furniture you have in your rooms, your staff might also need dusting supplies such as spray and cloths.


The second most important items that needs to be included on the housekeeping cart are linens. Placing the right sizes and enough linens on the cart will make this step in the cleaning process happen quickly and efficiently. It's also important that the cart is stocked with pillowcases so that these can be changed out as well.


Towels get used often when guests stay in your hotel, so having these on the cart will make it easy for your staff to get these replaced and the room ready for the next guests. Not only should the cart have large bath towels, but hand towels, washcloths and bathmats will also need to be replaced.

One of the extras your hotel might offer is a bathrobe for guests. If so, this will need to be placed on the cart so that it can be replaced. Your next set of guests should have the luxury of being able to enjoy a clean, soft robe when they climb out of the shower.

Bathroom Amenities

Unless your hotel offers guests full-sized bathroom amenities, then the soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and other products will have to be replaced during cleaning. Having several of these on the housekeeping cart will make it quick and easy to place these on the bathroom counter or tray after your staff wipes down every surface.

Paper Products

The toilet paper and tissues may not need to be replaced every single time your staff cleans a room, but having these on their cart just in case will save them time.


Should you offer coffee or tea in your hotel rooms, these are usually replaced on a daily basis. Like the cleaning supplies, having them in an easy-to-access place will encourage a streamlined process. Make sure to have extra cups, coffee filters, ice bucket liners, creamers, sugars and stirrers available as well.

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How to Organize a Housekeeping Cart

In addition to thinking about the items that your staff will need to make cleaning as effective and efficient as possible, it's also beneficial if the cart is organized properly. This will save them time looking for the items they need and making sure they have enough of every product.

Every hotel will have a different cart, but there are some basics to keep in mind for making the cleaning process as fast as possible.

If you are wondering how to organize a housekeeping cart, the items that are used most often should be kept on top. This would be where the cleaning supplies would be held, as well as the bathroom amenities and smaller items such as coffee, tea, filters and cups.

Larger items such as linens and towels need to be placed on shelves that are tall enough to accommodate them. These are the bulkiest items that need to be replaced most often, so having enough room for them is key to reducing the number of trips back to the supply room.

The other items that should be included on the cart are the paper products (toilet paper, tissues, etc.) and any other amenity you offer your guests.

Provide Your Staff with the Right Equipment

To keep your hotel running as smoothly as possible, getting rooms cleaned and ready for new guests is essential. With the right equipment and training, your staff should be able to achieve these goals daily. We have exactly what you're looking for a Mayfair Hotel Supply. Shop our extensive selection today!

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