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Most Important Hotel Room Amenities

Most Important Hotel Room Amenities

Posted by Mayfair on Aug 18th 2020

The Hotel Room Amenities Your Guests Care About the Most

Having all the right hotel room amenities is an essential part of giving your guests the best experience possible. With constantly changing technologies, you might expect guests to want updated electronics in their rooms. And while most do, what they all care about most is having the basics covered.


Complimentary toiletries are must-have in any hotel room. Shampoo, conditioner and soap take up valuable luggage space that not every guest is willing to give up. Most guests will expect you to have these available in every bathroom. At Mayfair Hotel Supply, we offer a variety of bulk shampoos, conditioners, soaps and body wash for hotels so you can give your guests what they need.

If you want to go above and beyond, there are other toiletries you can include in your bathrooms. The Balance Shaving Kit comes with 211 packs to a case and the Diamond Makeup Remover Packets come 500 to a case. These are items your guests might forget to pack for themselves, and having them available will take their experience to the next level.

Closet Space and Hangers

Guests expect to have a place to put their clothes during their stay, and dressers alone aren’t going to cut it. Many guests will bring clothes like suits and dresses that need to be hung up to prevent wrinkles and creases. Every room needs to have a closet and hangers.

The best hangers to offer are ones that can be used for both tops and bottoms like our 17" Long x 1/2" Thick Ladies' Hangers With Clips. These hangers can hold regular shirts and dresses with the standard top shape. The clips allow guests to hang pants, skirts and sleeveless shirts or dresses.

Charging Stations

In today’s digital world, it’s important for people to stay connected. Between phones, tablets and laptops, guests often bring multiple devices on their trips. Regular wall outlets won’t be enough to keep everyone’s devices charged. This is why charging stations are a great hotel room amenity to have.

The iHome Triple Charging Power Plug with Four USB Charging Ports is the best charging station to add your nightstands. It comes with three prong outlets as well as four USB ports and features built-in surge protection. Your guests will appreciate not having to pick between charging their phone or their laptop when they settle down for the night.

Ironing Supplies

It’s easy for clothes to get wrinkled while packed away in luggage. Your guests will need a way to get those unsightly crinkles out. Having irons and ironing boards in each room can save your guests a trip to the dry cleaners or laundromat.

In-Room Beverage Makers

Guests want comfort and ease during their hotel stays. One way you give this to them is by putting coffee and beverage makers in your rooms. Your guests will appreciate not having to leave the comfort of their hotel room for that first cup of coffee, especially when they have early mornings.

The Keurig Green Mountain K130 Commercial Brewer will give your guests the flexibility to brew individual cups of coffee as they want them. When you shop at Mayfair Hotel Supply, you can get your coffee pots and coffee supplies all in one place.

Supplies for Every Hotel

Mayfair Hotel Supply is your one-stop-shop for hotel supplies. From furniture to mints and candy, we have everything you need to give your guests a memorable experience. 

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