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New Partnership - Serta Anti-Viral Mattress

New Partnership - Serta Anti-Viral Mattress

Posted by Mayfair on Jan 27th 2021

It's been tough to find good news lately. Mayfair Hotel Supply has been a trusted hospitality supplier for over 70 years, so we've seen our share of crises. We know that staying focused on the long term makes the difference between weathering a storm and succumbing to hard times.

We're excited to announce a new relationship with another trusted brand, Serta Simmons Bedding. See how their cutting-edge innovations can help give guests a shining impression during their visit and buoy your bottom line.

Whether we're offering hotel supplies for your rooms designed by brands you count on or coming through with disaster relief supplies in times of tragedy, our priority is building effective business relationships that help us all succeed.

Read on for the good news you've been waiting for!

Weathering the Storm Together

The COVID-19 crisis has affected all of us. From disrupted supply chains to cancelled events and empty hotel rooms, this year has tested our resilience and perseverance like no other. Mayfair Hotel Supply understands how difficult the times are, and we've worked with our customers and suppliers to meet the challenge head on. Our reopening resources support the efforts of small and large businesses to follow cleanliness and social distancing protocols so that employees, customers and guests feel safe and protected. We're weathering this storm together, and one way we're leading the charge is by developing effective business relationships for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Building Effective Business Relationships: Serta Simmons

For decades, Serta Simmons has focused on leveling up the hospitality industry. Their Heavenly Bed introduced hotel-goers to the radical idea that they could get deep, restorative sleep while traveling. Now they've worked with Switzerland-based HeiQ Group to help tackle the challenge of providing the cleanest hotel experience possible. Serta Simmons has developed the first antimicrobial mattresses that feature HeiQ Viroblock technology - a silver compound that's woven directly into mattress fibers then cured for permanent protection against viruses, bacteria and allergens. This is not a spray but an embedded component of the mattress itself that's been proven to attract and eliminate microbes in seconds. 

This technology has already been in use on medical personal protective equipment, like N95 masks and hospital room separating curtains. Independent tests have shown HeiQ Viroblock to be 99.99% effective in eliminating COVID-19 virus samples from treated fabric. Textiles infused with this microsilver technology retain their antiviral qualities for three years and their antibacterial properties for up to 20 years.

Adding Layers of Confidence

The best part about building this effective business relationship between Serta Simmons Bedding and The HeiQ Group is that SSB has made the technology available to hospitality providers on a cost-neutral basis. Rather than try to profit from a global tragedy, the company is making all mattresses treated with HeiQ Viroblock available at no additional charge.

That means you can add an extra layer of protection to your guests' rooms without paying more than you would without this innovation. If replacing mattresses is part of your near-future planning - or if you're renovating or simply looking for more ways to put your guests' minds at ease about the safety of your facility, now's the time to make the right choice. Mattress pads and mattress protectors with HeiQ Viroblock are also in the works, providing another way to keep guests safe.

While you and your employees continue to check temperatures, mask up and sanitize diligently, antimicrobial mattresses join your toolbox of proactive ways to fight through this crisis.

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