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Sample Welcome Letters for Your Airbnb Guests

Sample Welcome Letters for Your Airbnb Guests

Posted by Mayfair on Dec 21st 2020

Guests arriving at your Airbnb are filled with expectations based upon your listing. Upon their arrival, imagine the impression they'll get about you and your rental when they see a personalized letter waiting for them. Welcome letters are more than just a casual "hello, thanks for coming". They can help your business greatly by giving guests a wonderful first impression of their stay and possibly lead to future bookings.

Okay. Great! You're onboard with composing a letter. But what should you say? Here's where we can be of help. This type of greeting is easier to create when you have a good example of an Airbnb welcome letter. Below, we give you one short sample welcome letter for an Airbnb guest, followed by a longer sample. You can decide which sample template best suits your rental situation. Each letter template has fill-in-the-blank sections that you can use for personalization.

Sample Letter #1

Good morning/afternoon/evening, [guest name],

Your trip to [city/town name] has begun!

Feel free to check in whenever you're ready anytime after [check-in time] today. Checkout is by [time]. For your convenience, [we/I] put the [house/apartment] key in the lockbox located [describe location]. To retrieve your key, please enter code [lockbox code] and you're all set to get started on your stay. When it's checkout time, simply put the key back into the lockbox before leaving.

For your information, the address you're currently staying at is [property address]. You can park your car [locations for parking].

Here is your Free WiFi information:

Username: [username]

Password: [password]

Please let us/me know if you need anything else during your stay. We/I want you to have a 5-star experience.


[your name]

Sample Letter #2

Hello, [guest name]. Welcome to [name] house!

We're so happy that you arrived here from [state] safe and sound. Kick off your shoes and relax by making yourself at home. The fridge is stocked with [beverages] and we've provided you with a welcome basket filled with goodies.

Check-in is anytime after [time]. Checkout is by [time], and our cleaning crew appreciates your promptness in checking out, letting them get to work preparing [name] house for new guests.

We/I appreciate you booking with us/me and we/I want your stay to be a great experience!

OPTIONAL: [Name] house has been in our family for [# years], and we/I have lots of wonderful memories of our/my time spent here. We/I hope that you have memorable moments during your stay too.


OPTIONAL: [Name] house has a rich local history, and it was once occupied by [historical figures, local celebrities, interesting family, etc.]. We/I take great pleasure in preserving this home for visitors like you to enjoy.

Below is all the important information you need for checking in:

  • Address: [address]
  • Parking: [parking locations]
  • WiFi:
  • Username: [username]
  • Password: [password]
  • Thermostat: [instructions]

Of course, you can add any additional information for your guests to these templates.

Create a Welcome Basket for Guests

In addition to your Airbnb welcome letter, you can create a welcome basket filled with various types of items. Welcome baskets impress your guests and can elevate their opinions about their stay at your rental. Bulk soaps and shampoos are one example of items used to fill these baskets.

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