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Tips for Choosing the Best Rollaway Bed

Tips for Choosing the Best Rollaway Bed

Posted by Mayfair on Sep 15th 2020

Sometimes guests staying at your hotel have a situation where they need an extra bed set up in a room. It may be a mom and dad who wants to keep their child nearby at night, instead of renting a separate room for them. It may be a group of friends wanting to share the same room. Whatever the reason, the answer to this situation is often placing a rollaway bed into a room to expand its overnight sleeping capacity. When searching for the best rollaway bed styles to choose, keep the following tips in mind to ensure your guests have a pleasant stay.

Comfort and Design Simplicity

Time, effort and convenience are always considerations when looking at purchasing a rollaway hotel bed. Some of these mobile beds are designed in a way that make them little more than cots and some are closer to a regular bed. For a hotel focused on accommodating the comfort needs of the widest number of people, it makes sense to lean towards rollaway beds with thicker mattresses. While these beds cannot exactly duplicate the standard bed mattress experience, they should come close. The best ones always combine superior mattress comfort with the simplicity of a cot.

Constructed for Safe Use

A rollaway bed must be constructed using quality steel, and heavy-gauge steel is typically used to make a sturdy bed frame. Heavy-duty construction is necessary for use in a hotel due to the potential for multiple uses over a short period of time. You and your guests should feel confident that the bed can hold up during a night’s rest. This is also a safety issue, so be sure to look at material construction when considering beds from reputable hotel supply companies.

Excellent Mobility

The “rollaway” aspect of this bed style is one of the things that makes it most appealing for hotels. All of these beds come with legs that have wheels attached. Since the beds must be moved from floor to floor by staff, bed wheels should be reliably sturdy. Look for beds with a minimum of two swivel castor wheels, which help make going around turns easier. Two standard wheels (often larger) keep the bed stable during transport.

Easy to Fold Both Ways

Hotel staff tasked with moving and setting up extra beds in rooms prefer folding rollaway beds that can be quickly folded and unfolded. No one likes to spend time struggling with stuck bed legs. Avoid this scenario by choosing beds that come with auto-opening legs. When the bed is unfolded, the legs automatically come down and vice versa upon folding.

Accommodates Average Height

It is impossible to know the height of any guests who is going to use a rollaway bed. However, you can select a bed style that is capable of accommodating most people of average height. A bed length of 75 inches can accommodate guests with heights up to six feet. This can help guests plan who sleeps in the rollaway and who sleeps in the regular bed.

Space-Saving and Stores Easily

A bed that folds from a horizontal position to a vertical one is practical space-saver available at most hospitality supply companies. When not in use, these beds can be tucked away in a storage area without wasting useful space. They can be stored with a wide range of other items, giving you lots of options for storage management.

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