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Tips For Purchasing Bulk Hotel Supplies

Tips For Purchasing Bulk Hotel Supplies

Mar 30th 2021

Do you get enthusiastic about the prospect of saving your hospitality business a bundle of money by purchasing bulk hotel supplies? Your enthusiasm is perfectly understandable because your decision can offer significant savings. In this case, buying in bulk means finding a wholesale vendor who is capable of reliably delivering the goods you need in a timely manner. Look at their blog, customer reviews or FAQs to see what they offer for insight into the industry and their business. But there's much more to bulk supply buying than meets the eye, and this guide reveals all the details you need to know to make your purchasing experience a great one.

  1. Choose a Trusted Wholesale Supplier
  2. There are all sorts of wholesale suppliers who are eager to sell you their inventory of hotel products. Perhaps some have even contacted you directly with a special offer that seems mighty tempting. Before you make any buying decisions, take some time to get to know something about the supplier's reputation. Find out how long the supplier has been in business. Some wholesalers have been servicing the hotel industry for decades.

    Longevity is a sign of success in a business that is dependent on a good reputation among hospitality business customers. Read customer reviews to see what their customers have to say about their buying experiences. Reviews can be helpful when choosing to go with one vendor over another. Trust is a major factor when you are spending large sums of money and buying in bulk quantities. If the vendor is experienced and has friendly customer service, they may become one of your best resources.

  3. Build Your Hotel/Supplier Relationship
  4. Once you settle on a wholesale supplier, you can start building a working relationship with your supplier that can prove to be beneficial for both of you. Get the ball rolling by contacting them and letting them know that you are a new customer, and you are interested in learning more about their services for hotels. They will probably want to know a bit about your hotel's supply needs, amenities and logistics, so be sure to have this information available to share. Forming a strategic partnership with a quality supplier can lead to a familiarity that provides exceptional customer service and possibly some unexpected perks.

  5. Wide Product Variety is Best
  6. Some wholesale suppliers focus on offering specialty products, while others offer many kinds of products. It's usually better for your business to select the supplier that offers the wider variety of products for simpler shopping. Choosing to buy from a supplier who sells a lot of different types of items used by hotels can be a real time saver. Of course, you may still buy from several vendors, but that multipurpose supplier is going to be the one you buy from the most because of convenience.

  7. Make Online Purchases
  8. There may be one or more wholesale warehouse companies in your local area offering some of the items your hotel uses. Sending staff to shop at these local stores may seem like a good idea. However, there are some drawbacks. First, staff must take time away from their regular duties to travel to the store location, browse for items and make purchases. If you are buying large quantities, your staff person must arrange for delivery, which may take days to weeks, depending on what's in stock. Plus, if certain items are not in stock, this time has been wasted.

    Shopping online for your bulk hotel supplies is easy, convenient and saves time and effort. Additionally, you can see right away if something is in stock, and if it isn't, you can contact the supplier to place a special order or get expert advice about substitute products. Also, you can get great wholesale pricing, and large deliveries will arrive in a timely manner thanks to a dedicated customer service team.

  9. Prioritize Guest Needs
  10. Create a purchasing plan that prioritizes the needs of your guests. Since they are your target market, it makes sense to consider what kind of items they desire when staying at your hotel. If you're not sure what they like, you can send a survey to your guests asking a few pointed questions. Offer an incentive for replying by a certain time. Use this valuable information to create a shopping list.

  11. Identify Popular Items
  12. Produce a report that details all of the items most commonly used by your guests, and which of these items are most popular. It's likely that your guests really love certain items found in their hotel rooms. Enlist your staff to report feedback from guests who have good things to say about specific products. These products are winners for your establishment, and you may want to increase bulk purchases of those popular items.

  13. Consistent Quality Matters
  14. Some products offer more quality for the money than others, and you should continue to seek quality when making bulk purchases. Saving money is good, but not when it results in purchasing inferior products. Poor quality usually ends up costing your establishment more money due to complaints and bad results. A reputable wholesale supplier helps you out here by offering top quality products for purchase.

  15. Ask Questions About Products
  16. As the saying goes, when in doubt - ask. Sometimes, you may not know enough about a product to make a final buying decision. When this happens, it's good to ask questions about these products. By asking, you may find out something that lets you know the product is or isn't the right fit for your hotel.

  17. Make Sure You Have Space
  18. Before clicking the buy button on bulk purchases, take a moment to consider how much storage space is required for each type of item. If products are not going to be placed inside of rooms, or used right away by other hotel departments, they have to be stored somewhere. If storage space doesn't already exist, your staff is going to have to make room, and that requires planning ahead.

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