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Uprights vs. Backpacks: Which is Right for You?

Uprights vs. Backpacks: Which is Right for You?

May 5th 2021

A recent survey of hotel decision-makers revealed cleanliness ranked higher than any other factor in determining the quality of a guest's experience. In an era where hospitality professionals must ensure cleanliness, having high-quality, commercial-grade vacuums is a must. When it comes to quality and efficiency, Hoover is the name we all trust, for both our homes and our businesses. Hoover commercial equipment is designed with heavy-duty use in mind, so it will last longer and also protect your staff with an ergonomic design and low noise level.

Now more than ever, productivity in cleaning is important. The hospitality industry is expected to ensure a healthy, hygienic and safe environment for guests, and while cleaning tasks have increased for the industry - with an average of 10 additional minutes requires per hotel room to meet new sanitation standards - budgets are tight. In order to come out of this pandemic and improve profitability, hotels must look for ways to clean faster, more effectively and with less labor.

Vacuuming represents 15 to 25% of the cost of cleaning a building. Hoover commercial vacuums clean up to eight times faster than other vacuums, making for a great return on investment. Hoover offers affordable options that are 30% lighter than other vacuums, energy efficient and feature High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filtration. HEPA filtration, a standard set by the U.S. Department of Energy, helps keep the environment clean by removing 99.97% of particles the size of .3 microns or larger as they pass through the filter. This way, less dust settles on surfaces, and the air is much cleaner after vacuuming.

What's more, the company offers some great cordless vacuums. With no cord, you eliminate trip hazards and the possibility of picking up bacteria and viruses as the cord is dragged across the floor. Plus, it's simply easier for staff to use.

Mayfair Hotel Supply carries both the Hoover Commercial Cordless Backpack Vacuum and the Hoover Commercial Upright Vacuum, each designed with specific needs in mind. Which is the right choice for your establishment? Do you need or want both for convenience? Let's explore each of these products, so you can make an educated decision.

HVRPWR Commercial Cordless Upright

The cordless upright is a lightweight design (30% lighter than other upright models) equipped with an ergonomic handle, so you can rest easy knowing your cleaning staff isn't overstressed. This model also features quick pass cleaning and auto stop, which disengages power to the brush roll and motor when the machine is on and in the upright position. The Hushtone™ two-speed motor can be kicked up for higher performance when needed, but put in hush mode for less guest disturbance.

The 40V battery and charger for this machine is interchangeable with other Hoover commercial equipment, so staff can easily swap batteries between different pieces of equipment.

The battery and charger offer 60 minutes of run time and just 60 minutes of charge time, so your staff will be able to easily maintain enough power to get jobs done and recharge in between.

Best for cleaning carpeted areas, this model vacuums more than 27,600 square feet per hour versus a typical corded upright's average 2,800 square feet or so per hour. Staff can vacuum 10,000 square feet in just 22 minutes. This is a great model for fast, efficient in-room cleaning and cleaning of lobbies and other public areas.

HVRPWR Commercial Cordless Backpack Vacuum

This battery-powered backpack vacuum is also lightweight for staff and equipped with quick pass cleaning and a Hushtone™ two-speed motor. It's only 14.5 pounds, so most staff will have no problem using it, and it has an ergonomic harness to help reduce user fatigue.

Again, the 40V battery and charger are interchangeable with other Hoover commercial equipment, so if you own a Hoover cordless leaf blower or the upright vacuum, you can easily use the battery to power all your Hoover machines.

This highly portable model can also handle in-room cleaning and public areas, but is especially useful for stairs, elevators, vents, blinds, small hallways, vehicles and other compact areas that might require some agility. It's also useful in cleaning wood or other hard-surface flooring, and the five-foot hose makes it easy to reach small spaces. The only tip to keep in mind is that it might be less effective in cleaning especially thick carpets.

The speed of the backpack model tops that of any upright. It can vacuum some 41,000 square feet per hour, and it takes just 15 minutes to vacuum 10,000 square feet.

Still have questions about which vacuum is right for your establishment? Mayfair Hotel Supply can help! Contact us (800) 851-4801 or via email.

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