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Why The Bissell Little Green Spot Cleaner?

Why The Bissell Little Green Spot Cleaner?

Apr 5th 2021

Hotels wouldn't be appealing destinations without a dedicated cleaning staff and the professional cleaning equipment they use to keep everything clean and sanitary. Vacuum cleaning is an essential task that must be done on a daily basis to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating. Every now and then, your maintenance staff probably does deep carpet cleaning. But what about spot cleaning?

Bissell has come up with an ingenious solution for the age-old problem of handling spot cleaning fast and efficiently. It's called the Bissell Little Green Spot Cleaner by those who use one of Bissell's green-colored commercial spot cleaning machines. Find out why this machine is a good investment for your hotel.

Industrial Quality Construction

As soon as Bissell introduced their professional quality commercial version of their bigger machine, the hospitality industry took notice. After all, Bissell has long been a trusted maker of a wide assortment of cleaning machines. So, when they make a new model aimed at commercial cleaning, that machine is going to include Bissell's years of experience in machine design and construction. The following describes what you can expect from the Bissell Little Green Pro Commercial Spot Cleaner.

  • Ample water tank. With a tank capacity of 3/4 gallon, there is plenty of water for handling most spot cleaning tasks in one go. But should the tank need refilling, it's a cinch to add water.
  • Powerful suction. Bissell machines are known for their strong suction action and this small machine has plenty of power for getting the cleaning job done.
  • Long hose and power cord. Clean corners, nooks and hard to reach areas easily thanks to a longer hose and cord. When not in use, both have storage places built into the machine.

Replaces Larger Vacuums

Your staff will thank you for giving them an alternative to dragging out the big cleaning machines for every single spot cleaning incident. Many tasks don't require the use of a regular machine, and the Bissell Little Green Spot cleaner can accomplish the same cleaning task with less effort.

Small and Easily Portable

The designers knew what they were doing when they created this little workhorse. The Little Green Pro features a curved form that is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. There's no awkwardness of pushing or pulling the machine down the hall or into an elevator. Simply get a firm grip on the sturdy carry handle and you're on your way!

Great for Dirt and Stains

Anyone who does hotel maintenance cleaning understands that embedded dirt and stains in a carpet or rug can require extra effort to clean. That is, unless you have a Bissell Pro machine at your disposal. Consider what happens when a guest enjoys a bottle of wine inside their carpeted room, spilling a glass on the floor by accident. This type of stain should be tackled as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming a deeper stain. This is the kind of stubborn stain the Little Green Pro was made for, and it can handle much more. For example, it also does a thorough cleaning job on embedded dirt, food and pet stains.

Clean Carpets and Area Rugs

Anytime there is a need for spot cleaning a section of carpeting or an area rug, the Little Green Pro can be at the ready to perform its cleaning task with reliable precision. Once your hotel has one or two of these machines around, the positive effect it has on the staff's cleaning efficiency is going to be noticeable.

Spot Clean Upholstery

The Little Green Pro has so much more versatility that goes beyond carpets and rugs. For instance, you can use it to spot clean upholstered chairs and sofas located in guest rooms, offices, meeting rooms and the reception area. Staff can easily remove dirt and stains from one upholstered piece of furniture or every piece in a room, as the need arises. And the work goes faster because there's no need to get a larger cleaning machine involved.

Clean Stairways

Here's another area of the hotel that often requires the use of a standard vacuum cleaner or hand cleaning with a bucket of water, cleaning solution and elbow grease. The Little Green Pro has a sleek, modern body that can rest on one stair as another stair is being cleaned. The elongated hose also helps staff reach more than one stair before moving forward. A stair tool is included with the machine for adequate stair coverage.

Clean Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles get dirty inside too, and one way to ensure they remain sanitary is to periodically use the Little Green Pro to clean vehicle seats and rugs. Because the machine is corded, vehicles should be near a power source.

Bissell Cleaning Solutions

Get maximum cleaning results from your use of the Bissell Little Green Spot Cleaner by choosing Bissell cleaning solutions. This way, there's no guesswork as to what cleaners perform best with this kind of machine. Many hotels get great results with Bissell's Advanced Formula Triple Action Cleaning solution or the Oxy Formula Cleaning solution.

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