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Disaster Relief Supplies

When your community faces a fire, hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster, the survival of community members requires your relief organization to be prepared. Disaster relief supplies are a big investment, but they are something that is critical to survival during times of crisis. Having a resource you can use to buy disaster relief supplies at wholesale prices, that you can trust to deliver quickly and accurately, is critical. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply offers bulk emergency supplies that you can count on to arrive on time when you face a crisis.

When most people think of disaster relief supplies, they think of medical supplies and food. While these are important, they are just part of what you will need during a time of crisis. You will also need bedding, hygiene items, and clothing.

At Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, you can shop wholesale for critical supplies like cots and blankets. We also stock hygiene products, critical items of clothing, baby supplies, and footwear. These are the types of disaster supplies that are easily overlooked in times of crisis, but remain critical to survival. We ship quickly so you can have the times your community needs in no time. Reach out today to discuss your bulk emergency supplies and wholesale disaster relief supplies with the caring team at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.

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