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Essential Preparedness Kit, for safety and precaution on the go. Includes Hand Sanitizer, Disposable Face Masks, Sterilization Disposable Wipes, and Adult Full-Body Wipes

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Our Preparedness Kit includes four essential items, helping you stay as safe and protected as possible throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. This kit comes with essential disinfectants for hands, body, and surfaces, and protective disposable masks for your face.

The Kit includes:

Two bottles of Instant Hand Sanitizer. Manufactured by CSI Medical Supplies. 8 fluent ounces each. This Instant Hand Sanitizer is also sold separately, by case pack of 8.

One case of FDA-approved Disposable Face Masks. The masks are triple-layered, for extra safety, and come 50 in a case. This item is also available for purchase. FDA-approved, Disposable Protective Face Masks are also sold separately, by case.

One container of Disinfecting Wipes. These disposable, disinfecting wipes contain 75% alcohol and 99.99% sterilization rate. Each container comes with 40 wipes.

One container of Hygea - premium, multi-purpose, disposable, adult body wipes. Includes 60 disposable wipes. Hygea Adult Wipes is also available for purchase individually.

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