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Providing your guests with a comfortable place to sit is an important part of running a hotel or restaurant, and Mayfair Hotel Supply has your needs covered. We are among the top hotel furniture suppliers and wholesalers, offering luxury hotel furniture for sale at wholesale prices. Whether you are shopping for furnishings for a brand-new hotel or you are looking to upgrade your existing hotel furniture, you can trust us to deliver the products you need at a price you can afford.

Indoor Furniture and Outdoor Furniture

Sometimes you may need certain indoor furniture pieces, and there are times when you need to expand or replace outdoor furnishings. Whether your current hotel furniture needs are for indoors or outdoors, we've got you covered as your one-stop shop with fast shipping.

Do you need furniture for the lobby to create a welcoming atmosphere for incoming guests? We offer hotel lobby furniture such as durable and aesthetically pleasing chairs, bookcases and tables. O r perhaps you are seeking stylish room furniture essentials such as headboards, tables and dressers. If so, feel free to browse everything we offer in these categories.

We also have outdoor furnishings, including benches, chairs, planters, trash cans, smoking receptacles, outdoor tables and all of the lids, liners and supplies you need for these spaces. Create the seating environment with the professional look you want, both inside and outside, with help from Mayfair Hotel Supply. Get special offers to help you save if you join our email list as well.

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