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Charging Stations

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Charging stations for hotel rooms have moved from a luxury item to a necessity, and many guests are anticipating having one available whenever they book a room. Since most of your visitors are likely to arrive with a smartphone of some kind in tow, offering them a convenient way to charge their phone and any other digital devices they bring along will leave them with a good impression. Mayfair Hotel Supply offers a variety of charging stations to suit every type of room design at wholesale prices that make it affordable to put one in as many rooms as you need to.

Standard and Novelty Models

Standard charging station models range from a basic plug and USB combination designs to models that offer multiple types of charging and wireless operation. Standard models can be ordered in wholesale packs for excellent savings. For your luxury rooms, you can opt for one of our novelty charging stations, which offer an elevated visual experience in addition to discreet USB ports for charging. These models are sold individually.

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