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Coffee and Beverage Supplies

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and when people come to your hotel, motel or restaurant, they often expect to find coffee. While you may offer steaming hot cups of java on order, many guests enjoy making their own and that's a great reason to rely on Mayfair Hotel Supply for all of your coffee and beverage supplies.

Popular Coffee Brands

Guests can be particular about their coffee and for those who drink it regularly, you want to make sure you can offer familiar brands that they are likely to enjoy. At Mayfair Hotel Supply, you can find coffee brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Folgers, Keurig, Green Mountain and Maxwell House. These trusted brands can be a welcome sight when guests wake up in the morning. Best of all, we offer them at attractive wholesale prices in the quantities you want.

Other Beverages and Condiments

It's a good idea to offer alternative beverages for guests who prefer other types of hot drinks. That's why we offer wholesale quantities of quality hot chocolate mix and tea. And while you're shopping for coffee, tea and hot chocolate, be sure to add a supply of condiments to your order to ensure guests have everything to create a great-tasting hot beverage that satisfies.

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