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Cups & Glasses

What goes hand in hand with serving your guests hot and cold beverages? Drinking cups and glasses, of course! Mayfair Hotel Supply is your reliable source for a full range of disposable drinkware commonly used in the hospitality industry. Our collection includes various styles of cups and glasses made from materials such as foam, paper and plastic. We also offer lids to cover those cups and glasses for easy portability. Browse all of our collection and order in bulk to enjoy wholesale savings.

Foam, Paper and Plastic

The diversity of our collection allows you to choose the drinkware style that works best for your beverage serving environment. Insulated foam can be used to hold both hot and cold beverages, making it a versatile choice. Eco-friendly paper cups are available in contemporary cold drink and hot drink styles. Durable plastic cups are ideal for cold drinks and bathroom use.

Lids for On-the-Go

Find a variety of lids for covering each style of disposable drinkware offered in this collection. Find plain and vented lids and lids with slots for straws.

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