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Hotel Room Safes

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Secure, lockable safes are an important asset to any hotel room. Mayfair Hotel Supply has hotel room safes of all sizes that help you give your guests the sense of security they need during their stay at your hotel. From hotel room drawer safes to hotel room shelf safes and even stand-alone hotel safes, we have the model styles and features you need to give your guests the best in-room security experience.

Choosing a Safe Style

Drawer Safe. Our most compact models are designed to fit into small spaces such as a desk drawer, credenza or nightstand drawer.

Shelf Room Safe. Provide guests with a standard size safe that is roomy enough to hold a moderate number of valuables. This style of safe must sit on a sturdy shelf and its easily seen by guests.

Wall Safe. This style of safe can hold various items within its h2 walls. It sits within a hollowed-out wall space that is cut to accommodate the safe's dimensions.

Features of Our Hotel Room Safes

The hotel room safes available from Mayfair Hotel Supply have the safety features you need and a level of security guests expect to find . Not only do these safes lock securely, with programmable keypads to keep your guests' belongings protected, but they also feature fireproof designs that keep valuables safe in the event of a fire.

Additional features such as motorized locking mechanisms, anti-drill rotating bolts and anti-tamper designs work together to make these the best safes on the market. And when you shop with Mayfair Hotel Supply, you enjoy affordable prices around on hotel room and wall safes. Shop our inventory today to find the safes you need to keep your hotel and its guests protected.

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