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Irons & Ironing Boards

When traveling it can be a challenge to keep clothing from wrinkling, especially tops, bottoms and suits needed for business meetings. Those staying at your hotel can find a welcome solution to this all too common dilemma when you keep a supply of complimentary hotel irons on hand for guests who require them. Mayfair Hotel Supply has thought of this scenario and we are prepared to help you help your guests wear wrinkle-free clothing. Check out our selection of irons and ironing boards today and order the quantities you need at wholesale to save on costs.

Trusted Brand Irons

You won't have to wonder about irons' performance when you shop for supplies with us. That's because we provide you with top brand name irons made by Conair® and other trusted manufacturers. Features for these irons include automatic shutoff, steam and retractable cords. Order as many cases as you need for travelers who urgently need well-pressed clothing.

Hotel-Grade Ironing Boards

Ensure guests have a safe surface for ironing with supplies of wholesale ironing boards. Choose a traditional T-leg stand model or a wall mounted model.

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