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Maintenance & Housekeeping

Hotel housekeeping supplies and equipment can quickly eat up your budget, but with a wholesale supplier, you can stretch those housekeeping dollars a little farther. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has everything on your housekeeping supplies list, so you can keep your cleaning staff well-stocked and your guests happy and content.

Our hotel cleaning products include Sunburst laundry and food service chemicals, a well-known name in the hotel industry, as well as other cleaning chemicals and tools. We can also keep you well stocked in can liners and pet cleanup supplies. We even have registration cards and tip envelopes for your guests. When you need new vacuums, linen or cleaning carts, bellman’s carts, or fire safety products, we have what you want. We even stock batteries, replacement parts, and cleaning or maintenance accessories so you can always have a clean, functional hotel for your guests. The next time you are in need of hotel cleaning supplies, save money and time by shopping with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.

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