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Can Liners

Make sure all of your guest visitors have a functional trash can nearby for throwing away unwanted trash. If you already have commercial trash can shells and need rigid liner replacements, Mayfair Hotel Supply is your resource for this much needed item. We carry a variety of liner styles in the most popular gallon sizes for commercial use. Find round and square shapes that are a good fit for the type of trash can shells you own.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Get the type of liners from Mayfair Hotel Supply that can stand the test of time. Made from heavy-duty plastic, these commercial liners are built to hold a variety of trash. In addition to durability, they are designed to withstand seasonal weather changes. Once in place, you can expect these liners to hold strong during hot days, windy days, rainy days and snowbound days.

Sleek Black Styles

Black liners are a versatile color that serves the purpose of shielding the trash from view. They are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, blending nicely with a variety of trash can styles located indoors or outdoors.

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