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Door Stops

Safety is a top priority for all hotels welcoming guests from anywhere. Even the simplest items can help protect guests from accidental injury or intrusion, and that's why we offer supplies of the humble, highly efficient door stop. Providing doorstops in every room is just another way you can make your guests feel safe and secure during their stay. We offer several doorstop styles for your shopping convenience and you can save a bundle by making Mayfair Hotel Supply your one-stop shop for hotel room security products.

Classic Door Stops

The door stopper most often encountered in hotel rooms features a wedge design that resembles a slice of pie. They are typically made of strong rubber material that withstands the heavy weight of the door. Enhanced door stops come with a magnet that attaches to metal surfaces. These door tools are especially helpful when guests are moving luggage in and out of rooms.

Wrap-and-Drop Door Stops

This alternative door stop style is an ergonomic option that alleviates the need to bend down, and the soft bean bag stopper protects doors and flooring from damage.

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