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Martex Makeup, Make Up Removing 13x13 Wash Cloth Black (Case Pack Of 1 Dozen)

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Martex® Spa Collection

Makeup-Removing Wash Cloth

Experience the new Martex® Makeup Removing Washcloths, a perfect solution to product loss due to discoloration and cosmetic stains. This new innovative wash cloth is constructed to withstand chlorine bleach and resist discoloration from Benzoyl Peroxide, commonly found in many cosmetic products in today's market. Martex® Makeup products will maintain their color throughout their lifetime due to our Staybright® Exclusive Technology.

Martex® Makeup-Removing Collection Care Instructions

  • Machine wash before use. Wash dark colors separately in cold water.
  • Wash light colors in warm water.
  • If bleach desired, wash using 1.5 oz. of chlorine bleach with 1.5 oz. of bleach free detergent.
  • Tumble dry low.

Price shown is for 1 dozen Makeup Removing Washcloths.

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