• Aerosol Dispensers and Refills

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  • Bulk Soap Dispensers

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    Keeping bathrooms properly stocked with soap at all times is important to the comfort and safety of your guests. A bulk soap dispenser in your restaurant or hotel washroom ensures guests are always able to clean up, yet without the need to continually restock the washroom with fresh soap. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has several bulk soap dispenser models that are elegant and effective. Perfect for the in-room bathroom, common area bathroom, or restaurant facilities, you can find exactly what you need here. These bulk soap dispensers include both wall-mounted soap dispenser and countertop refillable soap dispenser models, with options that work well as shower soap dispensers. They are designed to fit single tubes of liquid soap, ensuring your guests can wash up with ease. If you are looking for an attractive and affordable hand soap dispenser for a wall-mounted or countertop design, Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has your need covered.
  • Clearance Bath

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  • Hair Dryers for Hotels

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  • Ivresse

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  • Kimberly Clark

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    When it comes to the paper products you stock for your hotel, quality is essential. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is pleased to be one of the top Kimberly Clark suppliers, offering wholesale pricing on the Kimberly Clark professional line of products. If you are looking into Kimberly Clark products for your hotel, we have what you are looking for.

    Kimberly Clark Scott Products

    Some of the most trusted products in the Kimberly Clark professional line are the Scott products. With paper towels and bath tissue, Scott provides important hygiene supplies that your hotel cannot do without. Stock up on Scott products with the affordable wholesale pricing at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.

    Kimberly Clark Kleenex Products

    When it comes to facial tissues, the Kleenex brand is almost synonymous with facial tissues. In fact, many people will use Kleenex for all brands of facial tissues. When you want your hotel to give guests the best possible facial tissues, you need Kleenex. Trust Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply to provide affordable pricing on quality Kleenex brand facial tissues.

    Kimberly Clark Surpass Products

    For increased affordability without sacrificing quality, many hotels trust the Surpass products from Kimberly Clark. Designed for a low price and high-quality product, Surpass will help you provide a great product to your clients while staying within your operating budget. And, when you can buy at wholesale pricing in bulk, you’ll save even more!
  • Liquid Soap

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  • Paper Towel Dispensers

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  • Robes & Slippers for Hotels

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    If you want to give your guests the feeling of luxury the moment they step into your guestrooms, you need to stock them with a plush robe and comfy slippers. Hotel robes and slippers are the distinguishing factor that transforms a hotel from simply a place to sleep to a luxurious retreat.

    Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has a wide range of hotel robes and slippers for you to consider, including wholesale hotel bathrobes that offer quality without a high price tag. Whether you are stocking the spa or the guest rooms at your hotel, give your guests the ultimate in luxury with bathrobes and slippers from Mayfair.

    We offer both velour and waffle bathrobes to suit your individual taste. We also have open-toe terry slippers, which are perfect for spa or massage facilities. Pair these with our plush towels and luxury bathroom supplies, all available at wholesale prices, and you can distinguish your facility as a true luxury experience.

  • Bath Mats

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    Bath Mats
  • Bathroom Hardware

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  • Paper Products

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  • Hotel Shower Curtains & Liners

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    Quality shower curtains provide the privacy guests desire and help to minimize wet floors that could cause accidents or injuries. At Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, we offer a wide selection of great-looking, high-quality hotel shower curtains and liners at attractive prices, including convenient hookless shower curtain options that are more durable and easier to replace than standard curtains.

    Our Hotel Shower Curtain Collections

    We feature a wide selection of shower curtains made from quality polyester, vinyl, nylon, and other materials that are designed to repel water, resist mildew growth, and avoid soap-scum buildup. We offer shower curtains from multiple brands and product lines, including the Kartri Dobbie, Kartri Forester, Kartri Millennium, Kartri Nylon, San Suede, and Vintaff collections. Our shower curtains are available in bulk quantities for easy ordering at great prices. When you need quality hotel shower curtains, towels, bath mats, or other hotel supplies, look no further than our team at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. We provide top-quality service with a personal touch, and we offer a full selection of equipment, supplies, and other products for your business.
  • Soaps & Shampoos for Hotels

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    High-quality hotel soaps and amenities are a great perk for hotel guests, making it easier and more convenient to travel, especially by plane. If your business is looking for wholesale hotel toiletries distributors, look no further than our team at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. We offer luxury hotel soaps, hotel toiletries, hotel shampoos, and numerous other hotel supplies at wholesale costs. We serve businesses throughout the United States, and with our top-quality service, convenient shipping, and attractive prices, we are the hotel suppliers of choice for a wide range of clients.

    Hotel Soap Supplies

    We offer a wide variety of standard and luxury products to choose from, allowing you to provide your guests with a range of options to meet their unique preferences.

    Our Luxury Hotel Soaps

    Our hotel soaps, shampoos, and toiletries are made by some of the best manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that you are giving your guests the best possible products and a luxury experience that they will enjoy. From soaps, body washes, and shampoos to specially-formulated conditioners, lotions, face washes, and more, our team at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has the quality hotel soap supplies required to cover all the personal care needs of your guests. Free shipping on these collections (lower 48 states)
  • Hotel Toiletries Wholesale

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    One of the most important parts of a hotel room is the bathroom. It’s where people go to recharge and freshen up after a long day of traveling, and where they prepare for the day ahead in a new location. Mayfair provides mini toiletries in bulk, including small shampoos, deodorants, razor blades, toothpaste, and makeup wipes. We know how fun it is to go into a hotel bathroom and see the exciting shampoos and soaps to use, and we look forward to amplifying your hotel guests’ experience! We sell wholesale hotel toiletries to a variety of different hospitality groups. It doesn’t matter if you’re a massive resort chain or a smaller bed and breakfast, we can’t wait to provide mini toiletries in bulk to you! Mayfair offers so many other restaurant and hotel supplies as well, including furniture and bedding. There’s not much we don’t provide when it comes to the hospitality business!
  • Towels

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    Guests and patrons expect and deserve a clean and comfortable stay when they visit your hotel or lodging. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply can help you to present the best in comfort and cleanliness with our full array of hotel towels, pool towels, and towel accessories and paper products. Whether you’re seeking a luxury hotel towels for exclusive clients, or wholesale bath towel suppliers, Mayfair can suit your needs. Mayfair stands above the competition when it comes to providing luxury hotel items and comforts, ensuring your hotel is outfitted and supplied with the best in quality products. Featuring a wide variety of towel collections suitable for any lodging style or hotel decor and an array of wholesale towels, we can accommodate the needs of hotels of any classification, from small and comfortable, to luxurious 300-400 room large businesses. In addition to hand towels, bath towels, and pool towels, you’ll find that Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply offers plenty of additional bath items, providing your business with a single source of quality products that will impress guests and provide comfort—while keeping your budget in mind. Our service team makes a point to provide superior customer support, so whether you know what you need, or are looking for guidance or a company with a personal touch, connect with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.
  • Wicker Baskets & Presentation Trays

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When you are looking for hotel shampoo suppliers, you want to find someone who offers a quality product at an affordable price. We stock the hotel toiletries and bathroom supplies you need to keep your guests comfortable.

With high-quality bathroom guest supplies, soaps, and amenities, you can encourage repeat visitors and improve the overall comfort of your guests every time they check in. Our soap supplies and bathroom toiletries include everything you need for your guests’ toiletry needs. These top quality products will leave guests feeling clean and fresh, and with affordable pricing, you can easily replace them with every single room check.

Yet soap and shampoo is just the start of what we offer for your hotel bathroom needs. Unlike other hotel bathroom accessories suppliers, we don’t just stop with the small soaps for guests and the shampoo bottles you need. We also stock hotel bathroom fixtures, hardware, bathrobes, towels, baskets, and other washroom décor.