Soaps & Shampoos for Hotels

High-quality hotel soaps and amenities are a great perk for hotel guests, making it easier and more convenient to travel, especially by plane. If your business is looking for wholesale hotel toiletries distributors, look no further than our team at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. We offer luxury hotel soaps, hotel toiletries, hotel shampoos, and numerous other hotel supplies at wholesale costs. We serve businesses throughout the United States, and with our top-quality service, convenient shipping, and attractive prices, we are the hotel suppliers of choice for a wide range of clients.

Hotel Soap Supplies

We offer a wide variety of standard and luxury products to choose from, allowing you to provide your guests with a range of options to meet their unique preferences.

Our Luxury Hotel Soaps

Our hotel soaps, shampoos, and toiletries are made by some of the best manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that you are giving your guests the best possible products and a luxury experience that they will enjoy.

From soaps, body washes, and shampoos to specially-formulated conditioners, lotions, face washes, and more, our team at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has the quality hotel soap supplies required to cover all the personal care needs of your guests.

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  • Amaki

    Amaki (6)

  • Badgley Mischka

    Badgley Mischka (10)

  • Ben Sherman

    Ben Sherman (8)

  • Boardwalk

    Boardwalk (7)

    Are you looking for an economical, yet effective, soap or shampoo line to use in your hotel? Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is pleased to offer Boardwalk soap at wholesale prices. With a pleasing floral fragrance and neutral blue-and-white packaging, Boardwalk soap will fit any décor and please your guests with the convenience of in-room toiletries. Boardwalk soap offers everything you need to stock your hotel rooms. Shampoo, antibacterial hand and body soap, face soap, and body lotion are all available, and you can choose from a variety of wrappings to match your needs. You can even opt for an unwrapped soap, which you can cover in your own branded wrapping. No matter which you choose, you will be able to buy in bulk at wholesale pricing when you shop with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. Shop Boardwalk soaps today to find exactly what you need, and give your guests the convenience of in-room toiletries without breaking your budget.
  • Good Day

    Good Day (7)

  • Hawaiian Tropic

    Hawaiian Tropic (8)

  • Hotello

    Hotello (1)

  • Lord and Mayfair Bath Product Collection

    Lord and Mayfair Bath Product Collection (9)

  • Pure & Natural

    Pure & Natural (4)

  • Roots Aromatherapy

    Roots Aromatherapy (9)

  • Woodbury

    Woodbury (12)

  • Ecofresh Naturals

    Ecofresh Naturals (8)

    Refresh and revive while you cleanse with an invigorating citrus fragrant sensation infused with a sweet lemon blend including green notes and florals. Liquids and soaps have been formulated with essential ingredients to maintain moisture for clean and healthy skin and hair. Biodegradable packaging. Best Western Approved.
  • Ecossential Elements

    Ecossential Elements (8)

    Ecossential Elements has been inspired by the wonders and freshness of nature. Nourishing bath & body care formulations feature a citrus blend of eucalyptus and lemon myrtle. Get in touch with your environmental spirit with this range of skin & hair care products that have been enriched with organic aloe vera to cleanse, purify & reveal your most natural beauty. Best Western Approved.
  • Kudos Spa

    Kudos Spa (6)

    For luxury hotels and resorts, the right in-room hotel products are a critical part of the guest experience. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is pleased to offer Kudos spa products to elevate the in-room experience. These nourishing, conditioning bath products uplift the senses and indulge the skin. Kudos spa products are all vegetable-based soaps, so guests can feel completely comfortable using them. Their scent combines bergamot, jasmine, and green tea to invigorate the user. All products are enriched with cucumber and white tea extracts, and the mineral oil-free design allows the skin to breathe and absorb moisture well. All products are paraben-free and cruelty-free. This means your guests will be refreshed, with soft skin and a pleasing aroma, every time they use the products in your hotel bathroom. This will create a pleasant overall experience, causing your guests to return to your facility time and time again. When adding amenities and hotel toiletries to your space, trust Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply for the wholesale hotel supplies that will treat your guests without breaking your budget. We have Kudos spa products of all types, including conditioner, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, facial bars, and soaps. All come beautifully packaged with elegant designs that fit well in a modern, upscale hotel. Stock up on the hotel products you need, including Kudos spa products, and deliver a better experience to each guest who walks in the door.
  • Spa 360

    Spa 360 (8)

    Spa 360 is a spa-inspired collection that helps guests restore and revive while staying in your hotel. These natural hair care products and face care products moisturize and hydrate, with pleasing aromas of lemon leaf, clary sage, bergamot mixed with notes of fir, lavender, and jasmine along with deep musk and oak moss. The mild scent combined with a natural formulation makes these toiletries stand out. Whether you are looking for hair care products, liquid soap, or bar soap, you will find what you need in this popular line with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. What sets Spa 360 products apart from other hotel bathroom supplies is the natural ingredients. These ingredients can be found in products in the highest-end luxury spas, yet you can offer them to your guests affordably with help from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. These natural ingredients help promote healthy hair and skin and are safe for daily use. Your guests will leave your hotel feeling invigorated and restored, confidently using the soap, shampoo, and conditioner you provide. Stock up on Spa 360 products with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, and enjoy the benefits of wholesale pricing on these popular hotel bath products.
  • Beach Mist

    Beach Mist (5)

    Beach Mist toiletries are the perfect addition to your hotel bathrooms. These face and body spa-inspired products include everything you need to properly stock your bathrooms. From shampoo and conditioner to bar soap and moisturizing lotion, this line has it all, and with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, you can shop for wholesale amenities, helping you save money. Beach Mist toiletries are individually packaged in perfect hotel room sizes. They are wrapped in a beach-themed wrapper that is the perfect addition to a seafront resort or any resort that wants to give guests the feeling of being along the water. When guests return to your hotel, they will enjoy cleaning up with the mild scent and foamy feel of Beach Mist toiletries. With Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, you can keep your hotel bathrooms fully stocked and your guests completely satisfied, without spending too much on the products. Stock up on Beach Mist products today!
  • Classic Collection

    Classic Collection (6)

    Since its inception, Pantene has been a leader in the field of hair science developing products using state-of-the-art technology Give your guests a branded product they know and trust Liquids and bar soaps made in the USA Elegantly packaged to enhance room décor and hotel image Guests will appreciate the user-friendly flip-top dispensing caps Packaging may vary
  • Ecofresh - New Lower Pricing

    Ecofresh - New Lower Pricing (7)

    Refresh and revive while you cleanse with an invigorating citrus fragrant sensation infused with a sweet lemon blend including green notes and florals. Liquids and soaps have been formulated with essential ingredients to maintain moisture for clean and healthy skin and hair. Biodegradable plastic packaging.
  • Judith Jackson Collection

    Judith Jackson Collection (6)

    For luxury and high-end hotels, the quality of the toiletries in the bathroom is a defining factor. Judith Jackson is a certified aromatherapist and spa developer who has created a line of spa products perfect for hotel rooms and luxury resorts. With a pleasing citrus scent that uses the science of aromatherapy, Judith Jackson spa products are a popular choice for many high-end spas and hotels, and Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has a number of options for your consideration. With these products in your facility’s bathrooms, people will get the right impression of your accommodations and enjoy a hint of luxury when they clean up for the day. What sets these luxury toiletries apart is their scents. Using the power of aromatherapy, Judith Jackson has created a line that is quite pleasing to use. These scents contain a pleasant citrus aroma that most people enjoy well. They are not overpowering, but are effective at enlivening the senses, refreshing the people who use them. Stock up on bar soap, face soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, and indulge your guests with the luxury of Judith Jackson spa products.
  • Proterra

    Proterra (7)

    Lush botanical formulations evocative of earth, water, and sun. Offer your guests the collection that embodies an environmentally mindful approach to high-performance skin and hair care. Products made with natural and organic ingredients that cleanse and moisturize. No Artificial Colorants, No Parabens, No Banned Phthalates, No Mineral Oil, No Diethanolamine. Subtle vanilla scented formulations, gentle enough for the entire family. Subtle, earth-tone design complements any décor. Packaging and formulas designed for unisex appeal. Bottles, tubes, cartons and flo-wrap packaging are 100% recyclable A variety of bar soap sizes feature moisture resistant flo-wrap and cellophane packaging. Guests will appreciate easy-to-use flip-top bottles and tubes
  • Serene Elements

    Serene Elements (5)

    When shopping for wholesale hotel supplies, it’s important to not sacrifice the quality of the guest experience just to save some money. With Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, you don’t have to. We offer high-quality products at affordable prices by providing the option to buy in bulk. For a sleek, contemporary look, consider Serene Elements shampoo and conditioner products. Available in attractive, squeezable bottles with a mild scent and convenient flip-top cap, Serene Elements shampoo, soaps, and amenities provide exactly what your guests are looking for. At Mayfair Hotel & Restaurants Supply, we strive to deliver the modern, attractive products our customers need for their guests. We have the full range of Serene Elements products available, including shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap. This amenity collection is popular with chic hotels that need a more upscale feel in their bathroom amenities. Stock up today on the shampoo, conditioner, and soap you need for an exceptional guest experience.
  • White Marble

    White Marble (5)

    • Wide array of packaging and size options • Neutral, contemporary packaging complements any room decor • Choice of well-known trusted Dial® brands Free Shipping (Lower 48 States)