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    We have many high quality bedspreads available. To view products in a collection, please click the image of the collection that interests you.
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    When guests come to your hotel with baby in tow, you want to make sure that little one has a safe, secure place to rest. Hotel beds are simply not the safest options for small babies and toddlers, as they can easily roll off the bed and get injured. Hotel cribs from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply are a great option. With pack-n-play options as well as rolling cribs, these baby beds give you a convenient way to supply your guests with safe and sturdy sleeping options for their babies. In fact, baby cribs for hotels are one of the most important accessories parents traveling with a baby will look for when choosing a hotel room. We stock both rolling cribs and folding portable cribs for your guests staying in a hotel room with a baby. All are safe, secure options that are both comfortable for the baby and convenient for your staff. The next time a guest calls looking for a hotel baby crib for their room, you can be confident knowing you have the right solution when you shop with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.
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    Mayfair has a wide variety of mattress pads and vinyl protectors. Most Mattress pads and protectors come in anchor band or fitted skirt styles. Please check description for style. Click on category below to see items
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    A good night’s sleep requires the right bedding, and hotel pillows can make or break your bedding set. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply sells a large variety of pillows for hotels, motels, camps, and other hospitality industries. We have high-quality commercial pillows at every price point, so we can find exactly what you need. Our wholesale hotel pillows are the perfect addition to complement our other wholesale hotel linens and towels. You can purchase pillows that match our bedspreads and comforters perfectly, or choose sheet sets that can fit our hotel pillows to make the perfect match. No matter which you choose, when you partner with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply as your hotel pillow supplier, you can be confident in the quality you will receive. If you do not see what you need, give us a call and we will find the pillow that fits your needs. We pride ourselves on our solid customer service and will work hard to ensure that you can bulk buy pillows that fit your needs well. Even though we are among the top wholesale hotel linen suppliers and specialize in bulk pillows and linens, we work to provide a personal touch. Reach out today, and discover why Mayfair is the right choice for your need for bulk pillows at affordable prices. THESE PILLOWS REQUIRE A TWO-WEEK LEAD TIME
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    Families come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they just need an extra bed. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply makes it easier to provide a comfortable place to sleep when this happens. Our hotel rollaway beds for sale are high-quality, comfortable, and durable beds that you can roll into your guests' rooms to give them that extra place to sleep.

    Comfortable Foam Folding Bed Options

    If you’ve had guests in the past who did not want a rollaway because they feared it would not be comfortable, exceed their expectations with a foam commercial rollaway bed. These are comfortable and hold up well under repeated use. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised with your hospitality rollaway bed when you upgrade to foam. As an added bonus, foam mattresses are more affordable than innerspring options.

    Traditional Innerspring Mattress Options

    If you’re looking for a rollaway bed that will last a long time, you want the durability of an innerspring mattress. As veteran hotel bedding suppliers, Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply provides a wide range of options for those looking for a rollaway bed. Hotel owners can choose an innerspring mattress to give them more longevity from their rollaway and folding beds. With Mayfair, you can be confident that the bed and mattress are still comfortable, with the durability you expect from a commercial rollaway bed.

    Quality Customer Service on the Search for Hotel Rollaway Beds for Sale

    No matter which option you choose, when you choose Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply as your hotel rollaway bed supplier, you will receive your bed at an affordable price and enjoy the confidence of knowing your purchase is a quality product. Top your rollaway bed with our affordable, high-quality sheets for a full setup for each guest. Reach out to our customer service team today to learn more about our rollaway beds, and let us help you choose one that is a perfect fit! 2 WEEK LEAD TIME

Your guests have the expectation of clean, fresh bedding when they visit your hotel, and Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply makes it easy to exceed those expectations. From portable cribs and roll-away beds to hotel bedding sets and wholesale linens, we have the products you need to give your guests a comfortable place to sleep.

Among luxury hotel bedding suppliers offering wholesale hotel supplies, we are known for our variety and high-quality products. Our hotel and motel supplies include hotel bedding, decorative sheets, bedspreads, coverlets, bed bases and frames, box spring covers, blankets, pillows, and mattress protectors, all at unbeatable wholesale prices.

When you’re in the market for wholesale hotel linen suppliers, look no further than Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. Our bedding sets include commercial grade bedspreads and bedding comforter options, so your guests will feel a sense of luxury the minute they lay down on your hotel bedding. Impress your guests and protect your budget at the same time.