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Mayfair has a wide variety of mattress pads and vinyl protectors.
Most Mattress pads and protectors come in anchor band or fitted skirt styles. Please check description for style.

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    As a hotel owner, providing guests with a safe and clean place to sleep is the main purpose of your job. Yet when mattresses become soiled, you struggle to deliver the services expected. Replacing mattresses is expensive, but you have another option. Mattress pads can help protect your hotel room mattresses from soiling, giving you a washable solution that will keep your hotel rooms clean and sanitary. At Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, we offer wholesale prices on hotel mattress pads, so you can continue to deliver quality service to your guests. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has a full line of reusable bed pads in bulk, giving you a range of choices as you shop for underpads for your hotel beds. Choose from felt or quilted mattress pads with fitted skirts or elastic anchor bands. We also have flat options if you’re shopping on a tight budget, and waterproof options are yet another choice. Find exactly what you need and enjoy the benefits of wholesale pricing on these important protections when you shop with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. Please allow 2 week lead time once order is placed.
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    All it takes is one infestation of bedbugs to ruin a hotel’s reputation. You can protect your hotel and your guests with hotel mattress covers and protectors from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. With both fitted and zippered options, all of which have been proven to fight bedbugs and dust mites, we offer exactly what you need to protect your mattresses from infestation and your guests from the discomfort that comes from bedbug bites. These deluxe mattress protectors are made from thick vinyl or polyester, giving you an effective barrier against pests. These are also waterproof, which means you will not get damage from liquids spilled on the bed and seeping into the mattress. This combination of protection from pests and protection from liquids helps preserve your investment in your hotel mattresses. We stock both mattress covers and box spring covers, so you are fully protected, no matter what. Choose the right hotel mattress covers from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, and be confident that your guests are fully protected.
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