A good night’s sleep requires the right bedding, and hotel pillows can make or break your bedding set. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply sells a large variety of pillows for hotels, motels, camps, and other hospitality industries. We have high-quality commercial pillows at every price point, so we can find exactly what you need.

Our wholesale hotel pillows are the perfect addition to complement our other wholesale hotel linens and towels. You can purchase pillows that match our bedspreads and comforters perfectly, or choose sheet sets that can fit our hotel pillows to make the perfect match. No matter which you choose, when you partner with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply as your hotel pillow supplier, you can be confident in the quality you will receive.

If you do not see what you need, give us a call and we will find the pillow that fits your needs. We pride ourselves on our solid customer service and will work hard to ensure that you can bulk buy pillows that fit your needs well. Even though we are among the top wholesale hotel linen suppliers and specialize in bulk pillows and linens, we work to provide a personal touch. Reach out today, and discover why Mayfair is the right choice for your need for bulk pillows at affordable prices.


  • Graceland

    Graceland (3)

    As close to real down as you can get. Filled with a silky smooth polyester (GEL) fiber. Comes with 100% cotton 230 t/c cover.
  • Luxury

    Luxury (3)

    Where luxury and comfort come together. A middle layer of feathers surrounded by two outer layers of down. Same Soft-Medium as down pillows but a fraction of the cost. Has a 230 t/c 100% white cotton cover
  • Sheraton

    Sheraton (3)

    Star’s unique hollow slick cluster, polyester fiber, 100% white cotton 230 t/c cover, and down-like comfort, refluffable. Compares to Invista’s Comforel.
  • Society

    Society (3)

    This pillow is filled with hollow slick polyester that is blown in for the same random feel of down and feather pillow. Cotton cover, soft-medium support.
  • Dacron II Extra Plump

    Dacron II Extra Plump (3)

    Firm density support. A Dacron® pillow that offers an additional 10% more Hollofill II® polyester fill, which makes the pillow a total 22oz. of complete comfort. Firm density support with 4-hole chamber fiber core. Ticking; While Poly/Cotton. edges automatically sewn. 100% DACRON Polyester Fiberfill. Please allow 2 week lead time once order is placed.
  • Destiny Green Label Medium

    Destiny Green Label Medium (3)

    Nestle in for a great night’s sleep on our premium polyester filled pillow, which is garneted and encased in our 100% white cotton cover. This comfortable, durable pillow is ideal for stomach, back and side sleepers. Pillow is washable and non-allergenic. Please allow 2 week lead time once order is placed.
  • Fossfill

    Fossfill (3)

    180 Thread Count 100% Cotton, Our Most Down-like Soft Fill. Please allow 2 week lead time once order is placed.
  • Gold Choice

    Gold Choice (3)

    Gold Choice is specifically designed for your customers that need extra hollow siliconized fiberfill in their pillows. This pillow meets the 22 oz. fill weight specified by many hotel franchise properties. Ticking: Poly/Cotton edges automatically sewn. Please allow 2 week lead time once order is placed.
  • Green Choice

    Green Choice (3)

    Comfortable pillows are one of the most important features of the modern hotel room. When people check in for a good night's sleep, they need a soft and comfortable place to lay their heads. You want to choose hotel pillows that are made out of the best quality but are also an affordable option to allow you to add the right bedding without breaking the budget. This collection of Green Choice pillows from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is the perfect fit. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is your best pillow supplier, offering the option for you to bulk buy hospitality pillows as well as other linens and bedding supplies, so your guests can sleep in comfort. These comfortable pillows are filled with soft resilient premium, hollow siliconized fiberfill. This means they will last for many uses, providing comfort for your guests reliably night after night. And, with the wholesale pricing from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, you can be confident that these pillows will help you stay within your budget. Shop now to find Green Choice premium hotel pillows for your facility today.
  • Star Symphony

    Star Symphony (3)

    This pillow is filled with a soft cluster polyester, (little puffs of fiber), and covered with a white 50/50 poly/cotton cover. Pillow offers down-like comfort at a fraction of the cost and will provide a great night’s sleep for many years to come. Pillow is washable, non-allergenic and durable. Please allow 2 week lead time once order is placed.
  • Star Ultra Green

    Star Ultra Green (3)

    Nestle in for a great night’s sleep with one of our garneted premium polyester filled pillows, which is encased in our 50/50 white poly/cotton cover. This comfortable pillow is ideal for stomach, back and side sleepers, depending on the density you choose. Pillows  are hypo-allergenic, economical and washable. Please allow 2 week lead time once order is placed.
  • Super Gold Choice

    Super Gold Choice (3)

    We designed Super Gold Choice for your customers that require heavyweight pillows, It is packed with 24 oz. of resilient, premium hollow siliconized fiberfill, and proven to provide lasting plumpness. Ticking; Poly/Cotton, edges automatically sewn. Please allow 2 week lead time once order is placed.