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    When you stay in a hotel, you expect it to be spick and span. In order to keep it that way, you’re going to have to invest in some hotel housekeeping tools. From floor cleaning tools and high-quality upholstery tools to plastic bathroom caddies and dust pans, Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has got you covered. Don’t worry about a speck of dust in your bed and breakfast; you can rest assured knowing your housekeeping team is outfitted with high-quality hotel cleaning supplies. There’s no shortage of cleaning equipment when it comes to Mayfair. We understand how important it is to be well-stocked in hotel housekeeping supplies, and we want to help outfit your hospitality business with the tools it needs to perform well. Your counters will be clean, your floors will be polished, and your toilets will be spotless with Mayfair’s hotel housekeeping tools!
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    We Stock over 100 Genuine Rubbermaid replacement parts for your housekeeping carts, tilt trucks, utility carts and waste receptacles. Replacement wheels and casters made to fit your factory Rubbermaid products perfectly so you won't have to purchase an entirely new product. We offer a selection of replacement parts that allow you to repair your Rubbermaid Commercial products with the correct Rubbermaid parts that increase the life of the product at a fraction of the cost of having to purchase a new unit! Don’t just buy one replacement part. Buy two so you always have another part on hand. • Repair: broken or malfunctioning products before they become useless or unsafe • Replace: worn out components as part of a preventative maintenance program • Refurbish: restore a product to like new condition or upgrade and enhance performance and functionality with heavy duty casters and wheels Partner with Mayfair Hotel Supply to add decorative graphics and customer logos ! We offer SCREEN PRINTING, VINYL GRAPHICS, HOT STAMPING, and PAD PRINTING on a variety of products. Please call to inquire about graphics and logos
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  • Suncast® Commercial Housekeeping Supplies

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    At Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, we are pleased to partner with Suncast® Commercial to provide durable, attractive housekeeping supplies for restaurants and hotels. These products have the proven durability of Suncast products that hospitality professionals have come to trust. Whether you are shopping for Suncast carts, waste management systems, caddies, utility carts, or something else, you will be pleased with the selection you find at Mayfair and the quality you get from Suncast.

    Why Choose Suncast® for Your Housekeeping Supplies?

    For over 25 years, Suncast has been providing high-quality material handling, waste management, and hospitality supplies. These products are made from quality resin, metal, and fabric, and they are designed to make your job easier as you strive to keep your facility clean and cared for. Suncast is constantly bringing new innovations to the marketplace, which will make your job just a little easier.

    At Mayfair, we strive to provide top-quality products to our customers at affordable wholesale prices, and we believe Suncast Commercial meets this need well. Browse our available caddies, shelves, utility carts, bags, housekeeping carts, and doors, and see the difference that Suncast Commercial’s quality can make for your business.

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  • Bellman's Carts & Luggage Trolleys

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    Whether used by your staff or your guests, a bellman's cart is an important asset to your hotel. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply offers a wide range of luggage carts and bellman's carts that will help make navigating your hotel easier for your guests. With rugged, durable designs and a wide range of styles and sizes, we have something to make your search for the right hotel bellman carts just a little easier.

    Hotel Luggage Carriers Designed with Your Guests in Mind

    When you purchase a hotel luggage carrier, you want to know that you are buying a durable item that will stand up under the use of multiple guests. A luggage trolley from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply will do the job well. We have bellman carts for sale that are designed to stand up well for years, and because we sell wholesale hotel products, they will not break your budget. Our luggage carts also work well for airports, bus stations, and other areas where a luggage trolley from a self-serve kiosk is beneficial. Find the hotel carts you need at a price you can afford with Mayfair, and don’t forget to check out our linen and room service carts as well. 

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  • Housekeeping & Room Service Carts

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    Housekeeping carts, laundry carts, and room service carts are essential tools in the hospitality industry that allow workers to be more productive and better fulfill the needs of the guests. At Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, we feature a wide selection of innovative and versatile service carts from leading industry manufacturers like Forbes, Suncast, and Rubbermaid Commercial. We serve businesses throughout the United States, providing superior service, great quality, attractive prices, and convenient shipping options.

    Housekeeping Carts for Hotels

    Our housekeeping carts provide a convenient way to transport cleaning supplies and tools from room to room with shelves and storages spaces for all your most essential materials. We feature Forbes housekeeping carts in a range of sizes, including the full-size steel housekeeping cart, the attractively styled In-Room cart, and the compact Aluminique and Mini-Roller series. The full-size carts feature and multiple shelves, anti-mar corner rollers to prevent wall damage, vacuum brackets, and linen bags. Our Suncast housekeeping carts include the Premium, Standard, and Standard Plus, all featuring long tool storage racks for items like brooms, rollers at each corner, multiple shelves, and linen bags. We also offer the Forbes rolling laundry cart, which makes quick work of collecting soiled linens.

    Room Service Carts for Hotels

    Room service carts make it easy to transport food, beverages, and utensils to guest rooms while keeping the contents fresh and at the perfect temperature. At Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, we feature the impressive Forbes room service cart, which offers multiple shelves, two drawers, corner rollers, hotbox storage, stemware storage, and an Avonite top. We also offer beverage service carts from Forbes, as well as wine service carts, with ice boxes and storage for glasses, cups, utensils, beverages, and other necessities.
  • Sunburst Laundry & Food Service Chemicals

    Sunburst Laundry & Food Service Chemicals (8)

    Keeping your hotel and restaurant linens clean is a big job, and it requires quite a bit of cleaning chemistry to keep things bright and white. From iron and rust deposits to stains from foods and beverages, and everything in between, Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has the hotel laundry chemicals you need to effectively clean your supplies. Keep your rooms and materials in top shape without spending a lot of money by buying bulk laundry detergent from Mayfair today.

    The Best Commercial Laundry Chemicals: Sunburst Chemicals

    At Mayfair, we strive to be the best industrial laundry supplier by providing quality products at a fair price. We are pleased to offer Sunburst chemicals as our primary hotel laundry detergent brand. We feel this is the best among the various commercial laundry chemicals and will provide you with reliable washing over and over again.

    Commercial Cleaning Chemicals for Restaurants & Hotels

    In addition to our hotel laundry supplies, we stock solid and powder cleaners to assist with restaurant cleaning. Remove burned-on grease from grills or films from silverware with the products available here. From Powder Silverware Presoak to Break-Out, Sunburst’s alkaline builder for extremely soiled conditions, you will find that the detergents available here are perfect for keeping your restaurant clean and sanitary.

    Whether you are shopping for hotel laundry detergent or commercial chemicals to clean your kitchen you will find what you need here. Trust Mayfair to provide the right products at fair pricing, so you can keep your areas clean.

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Hotel housekeeping supplies and equipment can quickly eat up your budget, but with a wholesale supplier, you can stretch those housekeeping dollars a little farther. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has everything on your housekeeping supplies list, so you can keep your cleaning staff well-stocked and your guests happy and content.

Our hotel cleaning products include Sunburst laundry and food service chemicals, a well-known name in the hotel industry, as well as other cleaning chemicals and tools. We can also keep you well stocked in can liners and pet cleanup supplies. We even have registration cards and tip envelopes for your guests. When you need new vacuums, linen or cleaning carts, bellman’s carts, or fire safety products, we have what you want. We even stock batteries, replacement parts, and cleaning or maintenance accessories so you can always have a clean, functional hotel for your guests. The next time you are in need of hotel cleaning supplies, save money and time by shopping with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.