Sunburst Laundry & Food Service Chemicals

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Keeping your hotel and restaurant linens clean is a big job, and it requires quite a bit of cleaning chemistry to keep things bright and white. From iron and rust deposits to stains from foods and beverages, and everything in between, Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has the hotel laundry chemicals you need to effectively clean your supplies. Keep your rooms and materials in top shape without spending a lot of money by buying bulk laundry detergent from Mayfair today.

The Best Commercial Laundry Chemicals: Sunburst Chemicals

At Mayfair, we strive to be the best industrial laundry supplier by providing quality products at a fair price. We are pleased to offer Sunburst chemicals as our primary hotel laundry detergent brand. We feel this is the best among the various commercial laundry chemicals and will provide you with reliable washing over and over again.

Commercial Cleaning Chemicals for Restaurants & Hotels

In addition to our hotel laundry supplies, we stock solid and powder cleaners to assist with restaurant cleaning. Remove burned-on grease from grills or films from silverware with the products available here. From Powder Silverware Presoak to Break-Out, Sunburst’s alkaline builder for extremely soiled conditions, you will find that the detergents available here are perfect for keeping your restaurant clean and sanitary.

Whether you are shopping for hotel laundry detergent or commercial chemicals to clean your kitchen you will find what you need here. Trust Mayfair to provide the right products at fair pricing, so you can keep your areas clean.