Rubbermaid Replacement Parts

We Stock over 100 Genuine Rubbermaid replacement parts for your housekeeping carts, tilt trucks, utility carts and waste receptacles. Replacement wheels and casters made to fit your factory Rubbermaid products perfectly so you won’t have to purchase an entirely new product.
We offer a selection of replacement parts that allow you to repair your Rubbermaid Commercial products with the correct Rubbermaid parts that increase the life of the product at a fraction of the cost of having to purchase a new unit! Don’t just buy one replacement part. Buy two so you always have another part on hand.

• Repair: broken or malfunctioning products before they become useless or unsafe
• Replace: worn out components as part of a preventative maintenance program
• Refurbish: restore a product to like new condition or upgrade and enhance performance and functionality with heavy duty casters and wheels

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  • Cleaning & Maintenance

    Cleaning & Maintenance (21)

    Keeping a hotel or restaurant operating at full capacity requires a long list of cleaning and maintenance supplies. When those supplies break, you can turn to Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply for replacement parts, allowing you to get a longer life out of your costly carts and other cleaning or maintenance supplies. We carry a full list of cleaning and maintenance replacement parts, including:

    Casters and Wheel Kits

    For rolling carts, a missing caster or wheel means disaster. With our replacement parts, you can simply replace that wheel and keep on rolling. We have 3-inch, 4-inch, and 8-inch replacement casters and wheel kits with the necessary hardware to mount them.

    Cart Bases and Lids

    From trash cans to cleaning carts, the right base and lid are important. Stock up on replacement parts here.

    Buckets, Bags, and Platforms

    Make your carts more effective with buckets, bags, and the platforms to carry them. If yours has broken or if you wish to upgrade your cart to include one, we have them here.

    Lock Assemblies and Belt Cassettes

    Security is important when cleaning and maintaining areas of your facility. Keep curious hands out of your carts with lock assemblies. These are easily mounted on your carts to keep them locked when not in use, and they come with keys to give your employees access. Use belt cassettes to mark off areas with wet floors or construction crews.

    Caps, Springs, Holders & More

    Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has everything you need for your cleaning carts and maintenance caddies. From holders for vacuum cleaners and trash bags to replacement caps, springs, grips, and caddy connects, you will find the tools you need here.
  • Food Service

    Food Service (9)

    When you need replacement parts for carts and other food services supplies, Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has your needs covered. From casters to pint inserts, you’ll find everything you need here to keep your restaurant running at its best.

    Replacement Casters

    When your Rubbermaid food cart loses a wheel, a replacement caster from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply is the perfect option. More affordable than a new cart and easy to install, these casters keep your cart rolling. Choose from a 1 3/4-inch swivel stem caster kit or a 5-inch swivel and rigid plate caster kit.

    Safety Straps

    Designed to fit the Rubbermaid safety chair, these replacement straps keep your youngest patrons safe even when the original straps are broken or get too grimy for safe use. Choose from a three-point safety strap or a simple strap designed to fit across the lap.


    Keep our food containers sealed and fresh with lids designed for Rubbermaid food containers.

    Handles and Latches

    When the handle or latch breaks on your restaurant supplies, trust Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply to replace them. We have replacement handles and latches along with latch kits to help you keep your items secure at all times.

    Pint Inserts

    For salad bars and other self-serve food stations, you need easy-to-clean inserts to hold food while your diners get what they need. Our pint inserts are the perfect fit!

    Spigots and Spigot Assemblies

    When serving beverages, use a Rubbermaid spigot to keep things flowing. When yours breaks, stock up on the spigots and assemblies you need here!
  • Material Handling

    Material Handling (44)

  • Washroom Skin Care Systems

    Washroom Skin Care Systems (2)

    Washrooms are an essential part of your restaurant or hotel. You need to give your customers and guests a safe place to clean up. Many of the items within the washroom are designed for maintenance and housekeeping needs. When they need to be replaced, you can get quality Rubbermaid items from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. We stock replacement parts for washroom skin care systems, so you can keep your washroom safe. Our washroom skin care system replacement parts focus primarily on the safety straps for child seats and baby changing tables. When these wear out or are damaged, you no longer have a safe location for your guests to care for their little ones. Easily replace them with straps and hardware from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. We are proud to offer replacement parts for Rubbermaid products. For decades, Rubbermaid has been the leader in supplies for hotels and restaurants, providing durable products that will do the job well. These products are designed to last, while delivering the right level of performance throughout their lifetime. That’s why we are proud to stock Rubbermaid washroom supplies and replacement parts. Shop now to find the products you need at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply’s low wholesale pricing.
  • Waste & Recycling

    Waste & Recycling (21)