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  • Cups & Lids

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  • Dinnerware

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  • Disposable Food Trays

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    For fast-service restaurants, messing with reusable food trays is often not the best solution. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply offers disposable food trays that are easy and portable, yet that can be simply tossed after the meal. These food trays work great for a variety of needs, from fast-food restaurants to restaurants in amusement parks or zoos and even food trucks and vendors at fairs and events. When your guests are eating on the go, regardless of the reason, they need the option to take their food with them. A paper food tray is the most convenient way to meet their needs. Because these food trays are meant to be a one-time-use option, you want something that is sturdy but affordable. As you look for suppliers for your food boat and cardboard food tray needs, make sure you choose one that offers wholesale pricing and bulk purchases, as this will help you save. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply can help you save money on disposable food trays with our bulk orders and wholesale pricing.
  • Disposable Table Covers

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  • Food and Beverage Carts

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  • Food Service Tables

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    In the foodservice industry, portability is critical. You need to be able to bring tables and food to your guests conveniently. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply makes it easy with our food service table & restaurant cart options.

    Food Service Tables

    Food service tables are portable tables you can bring to hotel rooms, dining rooms, and other areas where you need to set up food service on occasion. They are easy to store, with fold-down sides, so you can tuck them away when not in use. The heavy-duty wheels make these easy to move when needed, so you can provide exceptional customer service to your guests.

    Food Service Carts

    Food service carts are another important part of running a hotel or restaurant where food is delivered to patrons. Our restaurant cart options allow you to easily transport food to your guests or clean up dishes when you are done. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply can help with our restaurant serving carts on wheels. The durable wheels make these easy to move throughout your facility, and they can double as restaurant utility carts or restaurant bussing carts as needed. By stocking your facility with a number of service carts, you can get food to and from your patrons with ease. We have several different models of food service carts for sale to meet your needs, from three-shelf to four-shelf options in several sizes.

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Whether you are in the market for food service tables or a food serving cart option for your hotel or restaurants, you can trust Mayfair to deliver quality products at affordable pricing. We deliver top-quality customer service to those shopping for tables or food service carts on wheels and will deliver personal attention to help you find your next product.
  • Food Storage Film & Bags

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  • Restaurant Coffee Machines and Supplies

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Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply consistently provides restaurants with the supplies they need to deliver quality dining experiences to each and every guest. From small items, like cups, liners, and lids, to the larger items, like food service tables and food or beverage carts, these products are designed to be easy to use, simple to sanitize, and effective in a wide range of industries. We also stock the supplies you need for mobile food delivery and service, including ware washing products and food warming carts. Whether you serve people in a dining room or are a catering company taking your food products on the road, we have exactly what you need.

As a wholesale restaurant supply company, we are able to provide these food supplies at a fraction of their normal cost, so you can focus more of your budget on exceeding your customers’ expectations. When you need restaurant supplies, look no further than Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.